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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing in the “Multicultural” Classroom

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On the Brooklyn Campus, we enjoy the richness of a culturally diverse array of students.   While diversity in the classroom is a resource to be taken advantage of in our teaching, it also poses challenges—challenges which arise particularly in the assignment and assessment of student writing.   Writing, however, can also be a way to address these challenges.

Given the diversity of our students (and the increasing cultural and racial diversity of students entering higher education in the United States ), how can we, as teachers, identify their needs and work with their strengths?

12:15-12:25 Introduction and Welcome
Dr. William Burgos, WAC Director
Dr. Kathleen Kesson , School of Education , LIU Brooklyn            
Dr. Shaireen Rasheed , School of Education , C.W. Post
“Culturally Responsive Pedagogy”    
  Free-write and group share
Sample assignments
1:10-1:30 Concept of the Continuum (Sonia Nieto)
Problems and Challenges for Teachers
  Practical strategies for handling these challenges

Future Workshop Considerations
  Based on this workshop, what related topics would you like to see explored in greater depth at future workshops?
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