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Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum

Databases, or When Google Simply Will Not Do

Tuesday, November 7, 2006
1-3pm, LLC 515

The LIU Brooklyn Library has acquired a wide array of databases, which provide peer-reviewed, authoritative sources of information. However, identifying and working with the databases best suited to one’s research goals can be a daunting task for both faculty and students. This workshop will begin with general guidelines to integrating databases effectively into source-based assignments, followed by separate sessions on discipline-specific databases, led by librarians with expertise in the disciplinary areas.

Introduction and Welcome

Review of Previous Seminar – Jane Suda


Information Literacy
Identifying goals & needs
Assessing Student Skills or Knowledge


Preparing Source-based Assignments – Betsy Crenshaw


Selecting Sources
Integrating Databases into Assignments
Partnering with Librarians and/or Structuring the Library Instruction Session


Sample Assignment and Critique – Mari Miller-Lamb


Rethinking and Revising Source-based Assignments - All


Work with a librarian—on a database, if appropriate—to improve your assignment.


A Research-based Assignment, Before and After


Sarah Blazer
Sophia Wong
Group Reflections

2:55 – 3:00


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