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Writing Across the Curriculum

Sophia Wong, Philosophy Information Literacy Assessment Tool
(Designed after WAC and the Library Workshop 1)

PHI 105 Health Care Ethics 

Questions on Library Resources, Databases, and On-Line Search Engines

Please answer these questions before our visit to the Library Lab today.

  1. What is the ethical question you will be researching today?
  2. Name 5 keywords that you will use in your search on this question.
  3. What is the difference between the following two keyword searches?
    HIV and adolescents
    HIV or adolescents
  4. On Google and other search engines, what determines the order in which the results are shown?
  5. What are possible sources of funding for the information you find on the Internet?

To be discussed in groups:

Are all sources of information equally reliable and useful? Compare the following sources of information and write the advantages and disadvantages:


Type of Source Examples Advantages Disadvantages

News organization



Popular magazine



Academic Journal article



Health Care Provider web site



Private for-profit company



Personal blog



Other (__________________)





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