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From Dialogue to Draft:
Linking Informal to Formal Writing

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Out of the dialogue generated by informal writing emerges material which can then be shaped into a formal assignment. Student writers who go through this process stand a better chance of submitting successful final papers.  In this workshop, we will consider ways to change students’ perceptions of formal assignments as merely “products,” and discuss how to create assignments that build on and consolidate the writing and thinking of the entire semester.

1:15-1:30   Introduction and Welcome
Dr. William Burgos, WAC Director
Review from 10/19 and 11/9 Workshops
1:30-1:40 Laurie Lehman:  TAL 350 assignment
1:40-1:50 Sarah Blazer:  Guided Journals to the Formal Paper
1:50-2:00 William Burgos:  Double-Entry Journals to the Research Paper
 The Research Proposal to the Research Paper
2:00-2:10  Tina Erickson:  Thesis Statement to the Formal Paper
Group Work to In-class Essay to the Formal Paper  
2:10-2:15 Explanation of Group Activity:  The making of John Lonie’s Writing Intensive Course
and Syllabus
2:15-2:45  Small groups brainstorm ideas for integrating writing into John Lonie’s course
2:45-3:00 Report Back
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