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Term Paper Instructions:


Students are required to write an essay that chronicles the significance of exercise physiology as it relates to a population of your choice, i.e. diabetics, obese, HIV+, athletes. The final product should be no longer than 7 typewritten pages. Pages should be double-spaced and type should be kept at a font (either Times New Roman, or Courier New) of 12pt.


The essay should include the following components:

  1. Cover page – (not included in the 7 typewritten pages). The cover page should state the title of the paper, the student's full name, the date, the course number and semester, and the professor's name.
  2. Body of document – (pages 1-7). The body of the document should include:
  • background and introduction
  • methods, i.e. physiologic tests, assessments, measures used in your “focus” population
  • the benefits of utilizing exercise physiology concepts in the treatment of your population (cite studies and list them in your reference section). This is also a good place to use visuals (graphs, tables) that can be taken from articles or periodicals. Just remember to cite where the visuals came from. the future of exercise physiology in the treatment of your population.

                 3. References – Utilize the sources at your disposal. If you are having difficulty finding information please set up an appointment so that we can get you
on the right track.

Important due dates for term paper

Topic Due Week #2 (September 13 th )
Background / Introduction / References
1-2 pages
Due Week #4 (September 27 th )
Methods / Benefits
2-3 pages
Due Week # 8 (October 25 th )
Future considerations
1-2 pages
Due Week #10 (November 8 th )
Term paper Due Week #12 (November 22 nd )


Online Discussion Format

 The use of online discussion groups is to promote a sense of teamwork and camaraderie among the class. The online discussion will allow you to voice your opinion (which you may not have done in class) about controversial topics in fitness, health, and sport. In addition, the online discussion may relate to a case study referencing material covered in class or in lab.

Discussion may be carried out in small groups of a few students each or individually. It is at the discretion of the professor and you will be made aware of the particular format of the discussion well in advance. You are expected to participate in these discussions and your professor will act as the moderator making sure that the discussion stays on track.

Each on line discussion will be graded on a 4 point scale. The following is an example of a discussion topic that may be assigned during the semester.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in this country.

What are some of the reasons for this epidemic?

What are some of the ways that we can curtail the level of obesity in the US ?

Is obesity a genetic predisposition or is it something that we can all control?

The scale will read as follows:



Student activity




Obesity is really a problem in the US , I agree.



The epidemic of obesity keeps getting worse. I think we need to conduct more education to show people how serious this problem is.



I agree that obesity is a major problem in this country and I think we need to look at how we are educating the young people. Because they are the ones that ultimately get hurt in the end. Also we need to look at the various health problems that come with being obese. How are those with obesity treated and what to do to prevent further damage. Anyone else?




A recent study showed that 60% of adults in the US are overweight. This is an epidemic from the standpoint of health, insurance rates, and death in this country. Obesity is also more prevalent in children. We need to discuss this topic seriously and educate those people who are suffering. Plus we need to develop other programs that would cater to this population. The one's that are out now seem to do more harm than good. Any suggestions?

Although we realize that obesity is a serious problem, we have to understand that much of this dilemma lies within our gene pool. Sometimes we have no choice or control over how we look and maybe the programs should not be geared toward losing the weight or looking better, but rather should focus on the psychological issues that come with being obese. (personal reference or story). Does anyone believe the way I do?

 *Be sure that I am not requiring you to write a small novel each time there is a topic to be discussed. However, I am asking you to think, to become engaged, and to use the resources at your disposal.

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