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From Bernard Schweizer , English Department:

For all it's worth, just hours before the meeting, let me share another successful technique I used with students in my Freshmen Honors Sequence. I assigned one student per class meeting to take "official class notes" and to distribute the notes (protocols) to all members of the class at the following meeting. If I saw grave mistakes (and there were some glaring ones occasionally--I still remember the "phallacy" instead of "fallacy"), I would gently correct them at the next meeting. It is quite amazing to have a version of what "got across" given to you week after week.

Here's my official description of this task:
€ Protocols (10% of overall grade)
All students are expected to take copious notes during class sessions. Everything the instructor puts on the black board is legitimate course material and can be asked in exams. In addition, at every class session one student in turn will keep the "official" log reflecting the teaching content and class discussions of the day. He or she will photocopy the protocol and distribute it to the whole class at the next session.

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