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Writing Across the Curriculum

Designing the Student-Centered Syllabus:
What Do You Want Your Syllabus to Say About You?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


11:00-11:10     Introduction and Welcome

  Dr. William Burgos WAC Director

11:10-11:30     The “Banking” Concept of Education

  • Opening a dialogue between student and teacher


Syllabus Components

  •  “Bad” syllabus


11:30-11:50     Course Description/Outline

  • “One does not liberate people by alienating them.” (Freire 354) – connection to bare-bones syllabus

11:50-12:10     Expectations (Ours & Our Students’)

  • “People teach each other…” (354) – connection to Michael’s syllabus’ use of “we” and student/teacher responsibilities.

12:10-12:30     Grading Criteria

  • Chapter 15
  • Analytical vs. Holistic Grading
  • Making grading system available to students

12:30-12:50     Open Discussion

  • Best Practices handouts
  • Ann’s Survey Handout

12:50-1:00       Concluding Remarks/Survey

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