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Presentation of Research Project

Presentations are worth 10% of your grade. EVERYONE will present his/her current research project to the class once during the semester. I consider these presentations to be the most important part of the class. This is where you get teach and I get to learn. Your presentation should be no less than 5 minutes and no more than 10 minutes long. Your presentation should include

(1) The MLA citation of the scholarly source(s) you have chosen to use in your essay.

(2) Your thesis statement as it will appear in your essay. This should be a brief (one or two sentences) statement of the main idea or point that you intend to argue in your paper.

(3) At least two of the main points you will be using to support your thesis statement. These can be examples from the text or quotations from the scholarly source but you must explain how these points help support your thesis statement.

(4) A list of questions for your audience/readers: this is a good chance for you to “try out” your argument on your classmates. What problems or concerns do you want to discuss with your classmates? You may want to ask where your argument seems strongest and where it could use some work.

All the parts of your presentation should be in written form.



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