Writing Across the Curriculum



WAC Mission Statement

In the spring of 2000, the faculty of Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus voted to create a new Writing Across the Curriculum Program as an important component of a Campus-wide reform of the core curriculum. The WAC Program will implement and supervise the Brooklyn Campus’s new writing-intensive requirement. In addition to this administrative mandate, LIU Brooklyn’s WAC Program manifests the faculty's consensus:

  • That writing is essential to University education and to a successful career beyond the University
  • That to develop their writing, students must practice regularly different types of writing assignments, particularly ones that enable students to think through course content
  • That to this end, the teaching of writing should not be restricted to English composition courses, but is the responsibility of all departments throughout the students' course of study.

The faculty's new emphasis on writing, both in the core and across the disciplines, encourages students to recognize that writing is key to their achieving those goals which are common to all disciplines and set forth in the Campus's mission statement: the acquiring of essential literacies, and the development of intellectual curiosity, analytic and reasoning skills, and effective communication skills.

To support faculty in the achievement of these goals, LIU Brooklyn’s WAC Program offers individual and group workshops to help them develop student-centered learning communities and integrate writing into syllabi in a variety of ways. These workshops guide faculty in two general areas:

  1. Writing in the Discipline (WID): Teaching students how to become competent writers in the discourse of specific disciplines.

  2. Writing to Learn (WTL): Finding ways to teach content through writing, so that students learn to use writing to think through and make connections in the subjects they are studying. Writing to learn emphasizes a variety of uses of writing—-drafts, journals, peer reviews, self-assessment, free-writing—-which help students become aware of writing as a recursive process and as a tool for understanding.

Beyond its specific mission to help faculty integrate writing into their courses, LIU Brooklyn's WAC Program seeks to foster a culture of interdisciplinarity, which is fundamental to the Brooklyn Campus's new core. Teaching through writing offers faculty opportunities to talk and to work on a common task with each other across disciplines.

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