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Writing Across the Curriculum

WI Course Requirements

Assessment of Writing Intensive Courses


Assessment of Writing Intensive courses will take place in two stages:

1) Designation Phase

This phase must be completed before the course is designated Writing Intensive by the registrar. The department will choose a WI course(s) for their majors and submits a syllabus to the WAC office for review (see WI Requirements and WI Procedures). The WAC Office recommends that departments run a pilot version of the course in the semester before or during the semester that they submit the proposed Writing Intensive syllabus. In consultation with the WAC staff, the department will revise the syllabus if necessary to meet the WI requirements. Once the course meets the requirements, it will be designated WI by the registrar’s office.

2) Assessment Phase

The assessment will take place at the end of the first semester that the course is taught and periodically thereafter. The WAC Office’s intention is not to monitor every aspect of how the course is taught, but to explore, in consultation with the instructor, how writing is being used to meet the WI requirements and the instructor’s goals for the course. This phase is portfolio-based and conducted by the WAC Director in close consultation with the instructor. The instructor provides the WAC Director with two different portfolios.

1.  First Portfolio (Instructor-Based) will include

  • WI-specific syllabus
  • Assignments
  • Grading and assessment criteria
  • WI-specific student evaluations (designed by instructor in consultation with WAC Office)
  • Other documents to be determined by the WAC Office in consultation with the instructor

Assessment of this portfolio will focus on writing pedagogy and on the kinds of student writing assigned, not on every aspect of the course design or the instructor’s grading practices.

2. Second Portfolio (Student-Based) will be compiled by the instructor with help from the WAC Coordinators and will include

  • A selection of student writing that represents both successful and unsuccessful responses to the assignments and illustrates the students’ writing process


These portfolios will be reviewed by the WAC staff in consultation with the instructor to ensure that the WI requirements are being met. After the assessment phase is complete, the WAC Director, in consultation with the instructor, will determine an approximate date for the next assessment of the course.

All such portfolios will then be filed in the WAC office for periodic internal WAC Program Assessment
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