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United Nations Advanced Certificate Courses


History 632: The World Since 1945
Professor Wilson
A survey of political and economic trends, including the collapse of European hegemony, the emergence of the Third World, the Cold War in Europe and Asia, the breakup of the Soviet Empire, and the growing threat of international terrorism.
Three credits.

Pol. Sci. 642: International Organizations, the UN and Its Affiliated Agencies
Professor Lee
A study of the theories, origins, functions and operations of international organizations. The principal organs of the United Nations, with emphasis on the General Assembly and the Security Council, are examined.
Three credits.

UN 710: Research Methods
Professor Braun
An examination of the range of research methods employed in social science. Topics include: theory and methodology, selection of research designs, quantitative and qualitative approaches, and the ethics of social research.
Three credits.

UN 712: Advanced Seminar: The United Nations Security Council
Professor Stephanides
The Security Council is the driving engine of the collective security system established by the United Nations Charter. This seminar will provide students with an depth look into the practices of the Security Council. It will examine how the Council is seeking to respond to the many challenges that are threatening international peace and security. It will also look into the ongoing process for reform and improvements to its working methods. Arrangements will be made to enable the class to attend a public meeting of the Security Council.
Three credits.

UN 799: Internship in International Organizations
A course designed to provide direct exposure to and experience in the work of a UN department or UN-related agency or department. The student engages in supervised placement activity and is expected to meet frequently with a faculty coordinator. The student is also expected to keep a log of all fieldwork experience and complete a seminar-length paper analyzing a specific problem, of the agency or department.
Three credits.


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