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Full Time Faculty

Hal Barton
Associate Professor of Anthropology
BA., MA., Ph.D., - Puerto Rico and other Latin American and Caribbean cultures, expressive culture and nation-building.

Glenn Gritzer
Associate Professor of Sociology
B.A., Augustana College, M.S.W., Ph. D. , New York University
Social welfare history, sociology of work, and medical sociology.

Hildi Hendrickson, Chair
Associate Professor of Anthropology
B.A., M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D., New York University
African cultures, small-scale cultures, colonialism, ritual, folk religions, archaeology and prehistory.

Michael Hittman
Professor of Anthropology
B.A., Long Island University;
M.A., New York University;
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
- Native American cultures, the Bible, the Ghost Dance and other social movements, peyote, primate behavior.

Yusuf Juwayeyi
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
B. Soc. Sc., University of Malawi
M.A.,Ph.D. University of California, Berkely
Prehistoric and historical cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa, technology and economy, natural and cultural heritage preservation, international development issues.


Haesook Kim
Associate Professor of Sociology
M.A., M.Phil., Columbia University
Class, race & gender, globalization, sociology of law, sociology theory & Asian studies.

Jan Rosenberg
Professor of Sociology
B.A., M.A., University of Illinois;
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
Urban sociology, race and ethnicity.


Part Time Faculty

Arthur Kimmel
Sociology of sports, sociaology of communication/mass communication, diversity, sociological theory.

Aurelia Perkins
Migration, health, family/household formation, and urban anthropology.

Audrey Wilson
Kenya, Tanzania and other African cultures, medical anthropology.




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