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Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences is to support the mission of Long Island University in Brooklyn by academically preparing undergraduate and graduate students for successful lives in a global society and for meaningful careers in business, commerce and public service.

The goal of undergraduate education is to provide a systems approach to academic preparation in fields related to the conduct of business, for example, accounting, management, marketing, finance, banking, and information sciences. At the graduate level, the goal is advanced knowledge preparation for the global economy and research tools needed for positions of management and professional responsibility in private, public and non-government organization sectors of the world economy.

To support the mission, the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences believes that the environment requires the globalization of both undergraduate and graduate curricula such that graduates are prepared for local, national and global opportunities.

We also believe that student endeavor must be integrated with appropriate technologies such that students master the ability to use computer software applications, on-line services and the internet to facilitate knowledge acquisition, communication, research and analysis relevant to business, government and professional pursuits.