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Name: Ghriga, Mohammed
Title: Dean
Degree: Ph.D., Polytechnic University of New York
Office Phone: (718) 488-1130

Name: Chung, Sam Y.
Title: Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Finance
Degree: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Teaching Interests: Investment, Portfolio Management, Risk Management
Research Interests: Risk Management and Measurement (VaR), Financial Derivatives, Alternative Investment Management
Office Phone: (718) 488-1130
Email: sam.chung@liu.edu
Web: http://myweb.brooklyn.liu.edu/schung/

Name: Williams, Linette
Title: Assistant Dean
Degree: M.S., Long Island University
Office Phone: (718) 488-1072
Email: linette.williams@liu.edu



Name: Ait-Hellal, Omar
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Degree: Ph.D., University of Nice, France
Teaching Interests: Program Design in C, Networking, Security
Research Interests: Flow/Congestion Control (TCP), Forward Error Correction, Multimedia Delivery over the Internet (Qos)
Office Phone: (718) 488-1271
Email: omar.ait-hellal@liu.edu

Name: Amrouche, Nawel
Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Degree: Ph.D., HEC Montreal, Canada
Teaching Interests: Marketing Fundamentals, Marketing Research, Retailing and Sales Management, Marketing Models.
Research Interests: Private and National Brands' Competition, Game Theory, Online Auctions, Advertising.
Office Phone: (718) 246-6473
Email: naoual.amrouche@liu.edu

Name: Chiang, Kuan-Pin
Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Degree: Ph.D., University of Rhode Island
Teaching Interests: E-Marketing, Advertising, Healthcare Marketing
Research Interests: Online Consumer Behavior, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Marketing
Office Phone: (718) 488-1147
Email: kuan.chiang@liu.edu

Name: Chung, Ping-Tsai 
Title: Associate Professor of Computer Science and Chair, Department of Computer Science
Degree: Ph.D., Polytechnic University, New York
Teaching Interests: Networks Management & Security, Database Systems, Algorithms
Research Interests: Communication Networks, Combinatorial Algorithms, Databases
Office Phone: (718) 488-1073
Email: pchung@liu.edu
Web: http://myweb.brooklyn.liu.edu/pchung/

Name: DePaula, Virginia
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Degree: Ph.D., Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Teaching Interests: Software Engineering, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Programming Language
Research Interests: Software Architecture, Component-based Software Engineering, Aspects-oriented design and programming
Office Phone: (718) 488-1269
Email: virginia.depaula@liu.edu

Name: Devi, Murali
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Degree: M.S., Long Island University
Teaching Interests: Software Development, Game and Graphics Programming, New Technologies
Research Interests: Computational/Theoretical Physics
Office Phone: (718) 488-1073
Email: mdevi@liu.edu

Name: Dinur, Adva
: Assistant Professor
Degree: Ph.D., Temple University
Teaching Interests: International Business, Management Communications, Strategic Management
Research Interests: Knowledge Management and Transfer, Organizational Theory, Organizational Cognition
Office Phone: (718) 488-1145
Email: adva.dinur@liu.edu

Name: Essounga, Yvette
Title: Assistant Professor of Management
Office Phone: (718) 488-1144
Email:  yvette.essounga-njan@liu.edu

Name: Evans, John
Title: Associate Professor of Finance and Chair, Department of Managerial Sciences
Degree: Ph.D., New School University
Teaching Interests: Finance and economics
Research Interests: Economics of trade
Office Phone: (718) 488-1158
Email: john.evans@liu.edu

Name: Fischman, Myrna L., CPA
Title: Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting, Taxation and Law
Degree: Ph.D., New York University
Teaching Interests: Accounting, Internal Auditing
Research Interests: CPA Professional Education in Practice & Academia
Office Phone: (718) 780-4062
Email: myrna.fischman@liu.edu

Name: Kaplan, Jordan
Title: Associate Professor of Management and Director of Human Resources Management Program
Degree: D.B.A., University of Sarasota
Teaching Interests: Human Resources Management, Service Management, General Management
Research Interest: Current research interests included an analysis of the cost of fire service in Suffolk county and expenditures for K-12 public education in Nassau and Suffolk Counties
Office Phone: (718) 488-1148
Email: jordan.kaplan@liu.edu

Name: League, Christopher
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Degree: Ph.D., Yale University
Teaching Interests: Programming languages, operating systems, and artificial intelligence.
Research Interests: Programming languages, compilers, type theory, and computer security.
Office Phone: (718) 488-1274
Email: christopher.league@liu.edu
Web: http://contrapunctus.net/league/

Name: Lyons, Beverly
: MPA Program Director and Associate Professor of Public Administration
Degree: Ph.D., Fordham University
Teaching Interests: Ethics, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Gerontology
Research Interests: Health Care Disparities Confronting Racial and Ethnic Groups, Advance Health Care Planning, Alternative/Complimentary Medicine
Office Phone: (718) 488-1136
Email: beverly.lyons@liu.edu

Name: Minowa, Yuko
Title: Associate Professor of Marketing
Degree: Ph.D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Teaching Interests: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Strategy
Research Interests: Consumption Rituals, Aesthetic Aspects of Consumption
Office Phone: (718) 488-1142
Email: yuko.minowa@liu.edu

Name: Ransom, Pamela
Assistant Professor of Public Administration
Degree: Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Teaching Interests: Public Policy, Accountability and Responsibility, Principles of Public Administration
Research Interests: Women and Environment, Health Disparities, Community Capacity for Cancer Prevention
Office Phone: (718) 488-1135
Email: pamela.ransom@liu.edu

Name: Rodriguez, Jose A.
Title: Professor of Computer Science
Degree: Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Technology
Teaching Interests: Algorithms, Operating Systems, Discrete Mathematics
Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Algorithms
Office Phone: (718) 488-1677 
Email: jose.rodriguez@liu.edu
Web: http://comsci.liu.edu/~rodiguez

Name: Scerbinski, Vincent S., CPA
Title: Associate Professor of Accounting
Degree: MBA, St. John’s University
Teaching Interests: Tax and Financial Reporting
Research Interests: Tax and Financial Reporting
Office Phone: (718) 488-1146
Email: vincent.scerbin@liu.edu

Name: Sherman, Herbert
Title:  Professor of Management
Degree: Ph.D., Union Institute and University
Teaching Interests: Strategic Management, Business Ethics, Organizational Behavior
Research Interests: Case Research, Strategy of Higher Education, Business Ethics
Office Phone: (718) 488-1150
Email: herbert.sherman@liu.edu

Name: Steven A. Solieri, CPA, CMA, CIA, CISA
Title: Assistant Professor of Accounting and Information Systems
Degree: Ph.D., Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY
Teaching Interests: Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Fraud, Forensic Accounting and Information Security
Research Interests: Auditing, Accounting Information Systems, Fraud, Forensic Accounting and Information Security
Office Phone: (718) 488-3402
Email: steven.solieri@liu.edu

Name: Stucke, Harry E.
Professor of Management and M.B.A. Program Director
Degree: M.B.A., New York University
Teaching Interests: Strategy, Lean Thinking Operations Management, Innovation - disruptive technology
Research Interests: Non profits, venture caps start-ups
Office Phone: (718) 488-1143
Email: harry.stucke@liu.edu

Name: Uzun, Hatice
Title: Assistant Professor of Finance
Degree: Ph.D., Drexel University, Philadelphia
Teaching Interests: Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Financial Markets, International Finance, Financial Strategies
Research Interests: Corporate Governance, Capital Structure, Agency Theory, Law and Ethics
Office Phone: (718) 488-1128
Email: hatice.uzun@liu.edu

Name: Vaast, Emmanuelle
: Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Degree: Ph. D., Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Teaching Interests: Management of Information Systems, Quantitative Analysis, Information Management
Research Interests: Practice and Representations of Information Systems, Learning Processes and Knowledge Management Systems, Information Systems Security
Office Phone: (718) 488-3391
Email: emmanuelle.vaast@liu.edu
Web: http://myweb.brooklyn.liu.edu/evaast/

Name: Zahradnik, Anne
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor, Public Administration
Degree: Ph.D., Western Michigan University
Teaching Interests: Organization behavior and communication, research methods, policy
Research Interests: Vulnerable population health care program evaluation
Office Phone: (718) 488-1162
Email: anne.zahradnik@liu.edu

Name: Zhang, Ge
Title: Assistance Professor of Finance
Degree: Ph.D., Duke University
Teaching Interests: Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Market
Research Interests: Empirical Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance
Office Phone: (718) 488-1138
Email: ge.zhang@liu.edu

Name: Zheng, Yudan
Title: Assistant Professor of Finance
Degree: Ph.D., Rutgers University
Teaching Interests:  Corporate Finance
Research Interests: Corporate Governance and Firm Performance, CEO Turnovers, Institutional Investors
Office Phone: (718) 488-6462
Email: yudan.zheng@liu.edu

Name: Zhu, Jishan
Title: Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods and Operations Management
Degree: Ph.D., University of Iowa
Teaching Interests: Business Statistics, Operations Management, Quantitative Business Methods
Research Interests: Revenue Management, Business Forecast, Supply Chain Management
Office Phone: (718) 488-1144
Email: jishan.zhu@liu.edu
Web: http://myweb.brooklyn.liu.edu