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Computer Technology & Beyond


Technology is revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives. Companies all over the world need a talented work force with the skills to drive their businesses into the 21st century and beyond.

The Computer Science one-credit courses were instituted to help students achieve academic success and insure that they have the necessary skills to compete successfully in the workplace. The classes will enable students to attain a level of proficiency in basic and advanced computer applications and provide the tools and instruction to improve their skills. Classes can be used to fulfill elective requirements, help students pass the required computer literacy exam and/or help students meet credit requirements for financial aid with the benefit of useful instruction. In a world where technical skills are a key component in virtually every area of expertise, students who take these classes will add marketable skills to strengthen their resumes. While there are numerous benefits to students in virtually every major subject, some classes were instituted to inspire the students’ creativity such as enhancing digital photos, creating a wireless home networking system, and developing sounds and animation on the web.

CS 9 through 9Q
Prerequisite: CS 9 or equivalent

If a student has the equivalent knowledge for a prerequisite, the student may be exempt from the prerequisite with the permission of the Program Director. A standard evaluation exam may be necessary. A program in computer competency consists of various modules: each module runs for one third of the semester, and sections of various modules are offered during any third of the semester. Students may take one or more modules in any third of the semester. Each module is one credit. Emphasis is placed on hands-on lab-oriented applications and projects.

Listed here are the classes being offered. For further information, click on the appropriate link below:

CS 9 Introduction to Windows Environment CS 9A Word Processing
CS 9B Spreadsheets CS 9C Fundamentals of Database
CS 9D Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) CS 9E Advanced Word Processing
CS 9F Introduction to Desktop Publishing CS 9H Internet (WWW)
CS 9J Web Page Design CS 9K Advanced Spreadsheets
CS 9L Advanced Fundamentals of Database CS 9M PowerPoint
CS 9N Advance Web Page Design CS 9O Digital Imaging (Photoshop)
CS 9P Home Networking Basics CS 9Q Macromedia Flash MX

Note: These classes may not be taken by Computer Science majors/minors to fulfill Computer Science course requirements.

CS-9, CS-9A, and CS-9H may be taken to prepare a student to take and pass the Computer Science Evaluation Exam (CSEE).