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To Contact Us:
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Myrna Fischman at 718-488-1157 or myrna.fischman@liu.edu. Weekly meetings are held during the school year on Thursdays at 11am in the second floor lounge of the Humanities Building on the Brooklyn Campus. 

What is it all about?
The Accounting Society is a professional club at LIU's School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences which seeks to make students more aware of the accounting major and field.

We expose students to the accounting environment at an early stage in their academic career. We hope to spark students' interest in the field, and encourage them to select an accounting major.

Throughout the year we have many professional events to which we invite speakers from the Big Four accounting firms, mid-sized firms, private industry, government and CPA review courses.

Our goal is to address a wide variety of general accounting issues and topics. We conduct our events in an atmosphere that is comfortable to the students, so that they feel comfortable attending, asking questions and meeting the speakers/recruiters at the end of each event. Some of our past topics include: career opportunities in government, public accounting and corporations, resume preparation, and the CPA exam.

We also sponsor events with LIU alumni who are now working in the world of accounting. These events give current LIU students a chance to find out first hand, from former LIU students, what the "real world" of accounting is all about, and what students should do to be most successful in the future.

Involvement in the Accounting Society is a great way to find out more about the accounting major and field. For students who are uncertain about their career paths but are considering accounting as a possibility, attending these events will help in making a decision. For others who are certain about accounting, these events provide knowledge of the most current issues in the field as well as the opportunity to become familiar with recruiters of many of the firms. This knowledge will be useful in searching for internships and full time positions.

To Contact Us:
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Kuan Chiang at - kuan.chiang@liu.edu or 718-488-1147

The Advertising Society of Long Island University at Brooklyn Campus is affiliated with the Academic Division of the American Advertising Federation and the District II of the Ad Club of New York.

The major activity of the club is participating in the AAF's National Student Advertising Competition.  LIU students won awards in the national competition three years in a row, and have been profiled in Advertising Age magazine.


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jordan Kaplan at (718) 488-1148 or e-mail at - jkaplan@liu.edu
Our SHRM Student Chapter was established in 1996 as a nationally recognized chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. From one member in 1996 we have grown to a club with many nationally recognized members.  The club helps students obtain gainful knowledge and experience of HR through internships, mentoring and employment while in school and after graduation.  The chapter provides personal and professional growth opportunities through regional conferences, company tours, and speaker series.  Our membership is not restricted to Human Resources Management students.  The club includes students from different disciplines within the School of Business and is open to all LIU students.



Student members of SHRM receive the HR Magazine, HR News, Echoes, and may also receive Bibliography Service on specific HRM topics by the Society. Students have the opportunity to network with HR professionals and to participate in HR conferences and seminars. The Society for Human Resource Management has more than 80,000 professional members and over 7,000 student members.




Faculty Advisor: Prof. Arthur Washington, 718-488-1277 or pchung@liu.edu

The primary purpose of this club is to provide Computer Science and Information Systems students with the means of learning about computers using hands-on practical experience. We provide workshops that help students learn how to build computers, trouble-shoot, network and configure complex systems. In addition to learning about hardware, we provide a social and friendly atmosphere where students can gather to share information on programming and evolving technologies.

Click here for photos from a recent workshop sponsored by the Computer Science Club.



SIGMA BETA DELTA (top of page)

Sigma Beta Delta, the National Honor Society in Business Management and Administration, is the highest national recognition a business student can receive at a college or university.  To be eligible for membership, students must be within two semesters of graduation and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.65. 


BOSS (top of page)

Business Opportunities for Student Success Mission Statement

The mission of Long Island University and the School of Business at the Brooklyn Campus is to prepare our diverse student body for meaningful careers and successful lives in a global society”. Business Opportunities for Student Success aims to advance this mission by developing our students’ leadership and management skills, presenting new opportunities for career advancement, and increasing their involvement in the LIU and greater metropolitan community. The goal is to create leaders who strive to achieve “academic excellence, individual achievement, personal growth, cultural enrichment and civic responsibility” which Long Island University pledges to all of its students.

Business Opportunities for Student Success Description

Business Opportunities for Student Success is a new leadership program designed to engage business students at Long Island University. The goal of the program is to offer a variety of experiences, including specific skill building workshops, alumni panels and networking events, which will give students additional resources to grow as individuals and community members. Business Opportunities for Student Success was developed by a team of administrators, students, and faculty to give students the very best opportunities for advancement both personally and professionally.

Long Island University School of Business Mission Statement. http://www.brooklyn.liu.edu/sbpais/mission.html

Presidential Vision Statement. http://www.liu.edu/but01/factsfig/2003profile.html#president_vision

BOSS 2008-09 Calendar

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