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Every student in the School of Business, Public Administration and Information Sciences is assigned an academic advisor who is available to help sort out the many choices and decisions that students are confronted with in college.  The offices are located on the 7th floor of the Humanities building.  Office hours are 9:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:00am to 5:00pm on Fridays during the academic year.  Please call Joan Pierre, Secretary to Academic Advisement, at 718-488-1121 to make an appointment.
Academic counselors assist students in the following ways:

  • Selecting appropriate courses required to receive a degree
  • Registering for classes each semester
  • Helping to understand University policies and procedures
  • Dropping and/or adding a class
  • Taking a course (electives only) on a pass/fail basis
  • Deciding whether or not to repeat a course
  • Helping with the decision to change or add a major or minor
  • Discussing academic and career goals
  • Clarifying a student’s academic status (the requirements to be in "good academic standing")
  • Evaluating transfer credits
  • Discussing any problems encountered with classes
 Ms. Marni Passer

Academic Advisor for Undergraduate Program Students

Office: H700
Phone: (718) 488-1121
Fax: (718) 780-1125
Email: Marni.Passer@liu.edu

Marni Passer holds an MS in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in English from State University of New York at Binghamton. Her experience includes advising and counseling students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.

Ms. Robin Goldstein

Graduate Business Career & Academic Counselor

Office: H 700
Phone: (718) 488-1121
Fax: (718) 780-1125
E-mail: Robin.Goldstein@liu.edu 

Robin Goldstein possesses an Ed.M. in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University and a B.S. in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University.  Her experience includes providing career counseling for Long Island University and Brooklyn College students.