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Barry Ritzler
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Wayne State University, 1969
Diplomate in Clinical Psychology, ABPP, 1984

In addition to his position of Professor of Psychology at Long Island University, Dr. Ritzler is a senior member of the faculty of Rorschach Workshops Incorporated, directed by John Exner, Jr. Dr. Ritzler served as President for the society for Personality Assessment from 1995-7. He studied personality assessment under the tutelage of Sidney Blatt, Margaret Singer, and Dr. Exner. Dr. Ritzler is an authority on both psychology of the Nazi Holocaust and the Rorschach method of personality assessment. He also has published numerous studies of schizophrenia, the effects of inpatient psychiatric intervention, and the personality of criminals in urban ghettos. He is co-author of The Quest for the Nazi Personality: A Psychological Investigation of Nazi War Criminals, published by Erlbaum Press. For many years, he was Associate Editor of the Journal of Personality Assessment and continues as a consulting editor on that journal and several other professional publications. He maintains a private consulting practice and gives workshops on the Rorschach Comprehensive System throughout the US and in other countries.

Research/Clinical Interests: Ego Psychology and eg-analytic psychotherapy; projective techniques and personality assessment; borderline and schizophrenic psychopathology, and the psychology of genocide. Research interests include continued development of the Rorschach Comprehensive System, apperception test qualification for use in clinical assessment, development of the Picture Projection Test-an alternative to the TAT, personality assessment of the antisocial personality, and multi-cultural personality assessment.

Recent Publications

Sanz, I., Ritzler, B., Ivanouw, J., & Dana,R. (2001). El impacto de las nuevas tecnologias en el futuro de las tecnicas de evaluacion psicologica clinica, Revista Argentina de Clinica Psicologica, X, 203-225.

Ritzler, B., Erard, R., & Pettigrew, G. (2002). Protecting the integrity of Rorschach expert witnesses: A reply to Grove and Barden (1999) Re: The admissibility of testimony under Daubert/Kumho analyses. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law.

Ritzler, B., Erard, R., & Pettigrew, G. (2002). A final reply to Grove and Barden: The relevance of the Rorschach Comprehensive System for expert testimony. Psychology, Public Policy, and the Law.

Ritzler, B. (2004). Cultural applications of the Rorschach, apperception tests, and figure drawings. In Hilsenroth, M. & Segal, D. (eds.), Comprehensive Handbook of Psychological Assessment: Vol. 2: Personality Assessment. New York: Wiley & Sons.

Ritzler, B. (2005). Sidney Blatt’s contributions to the assessment of object representations. In Auerbach, J., Levy, K., & Schaffer, C. (Eds.), Relatedness, Self-Defination and Mental Reprentation: Essays in honor of Sidney J. Blatt. New York: Rutledge, pp. 137-153.

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Exner, J., Ritzler, B., & Sciara, A. (in preparation). A workbook for Rorschach Comprehensive System interpretation.

Ritzler, B. (in preparation). Empirical foundations of the Rorschach Comprehensive System. (book)


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