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Psychology Experience Credit

Undergraduate Program

Majors in the Psychology Department are required to complete at least 31 credits in Psychology, including Psychology 3, 125, 150 and 151. In addition, students must complete one course from the Social Science 200 series and take a distribution of six credits in any one of the following four disciplines: Biology, Philosophy, Education or Sociology. A second distribution of six credits in another one of these four disciplines is highly recommended. Students should select distributions in disciplines most relevant to their intended careers.

Psychology majors are encouraged to develop specific career objectives while pursuing undergraduate studies.

Departmental advisers will assist students in exploring career possibilities and in devising personalized plans of study that will best prepare them for their career goals. Students are encouraged to use Psychology 197, 198 - Independent Study- to get hands-on experience in psychology in their junior or senior year under the direction of a faculty member.

Except where prerequisites are indicated, there is no set order in which courses must be taken. Students, however, should keep the following in mind when planning their programs: Courses with lower numbers are more fundamental than those with higher numbers. It is recommended that students take foundation courses, Psychology 107, 108 and 109 as early as possible. Psychology 110 through 116 are best taken after Psychology 107 and 109. Students who wish to specialize in some aspect of psychology should take all relevant courses in Psychology 118 and 124, and students planning on graduate work in psychology should take as many of those courses as possible. All seniors are encouraged to take Psychology 190, Honors Seminar for Psychology Majors.


Program Model
Proficiency Courses and Core Curriculum - see Pg. 25 of the School Bulletin
Department Requirements     31 CR
Must include Psychology 3, 125, 150, 151
Social Science 200 series - 3 credits
Distribution     6-8 CR
Biology, Philosophy, Sociology, or Education
Electives (to be determined by proficiency requirements)
Recommended Course of Studies

A student's program of study may be lengthened to the extent that the student is placed in proficiency mathematics courses and the English Department Writing Program.

First Year
First Semester
CR First Year
Second Semester
Psychology 3 3 Speech 3 3
English 16 3 English 17 or Core Seminar 3
History 1 3 History 2 3
Foreign language 11 3 Foreign Language 12 3
Philosophy 61 3 Philosophy 62 3
Orientation Seminar 1 1  
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15
Second Year
First Semester
CR   Second Year
Second Semester
English 61-64 3 English 61-64 3
Social Science 3 Psychology 125 3
Physics 20 4 Psychology 150 3
Mathematics 16 3 Chemistry 21 3
Elective 3 Art, Dance or Music 61 3
Total Credits 16 Total Credits 15
Third Year
First Semester
CR Third Year
Second Semester
Psychology 151 4 Psychology 6
Psychology 3 Distribution 3
Distribution 3 Electives 6
Biology 22 3
Electives 4
Total Credits 17 Total Credits 15
Fourth Year
First Semester
CR Fourth Year
Second Semester
Psychology 6 Psychology 3
Social Science 200 series or elective 3 Social Science 200 series or elective 3
Electives 6 Electives 8
Total Credits 15 Total Credits 14


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