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Program Requirements

The Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology at the Brooklyn Campus requires a minimum of five years of full-time academic study.

  1. The completion of 90 credits of graduate courses.
  2. The development, completion and presentation of an independent research project (Second year Research Project) which is initiated in the first year of training and completed no later than the middle of the third year.
  3. Completion of the Clinical Qualifying Examination usually in the third year of training.
  4. Successful completion of three years of training at an approved externship site.
  5. A full-time, twelve month clinical internship at an APA-accredited institution such as a hospital or community mental health center, usually during the fifth year.  An equivalent half-time internship over a two year period is also acceptable.
  6. the doctoral dissertation which must be completed no later than the eighth year of training.

It should be noted that in the past seven years the average time to graduation has on average been 6.6 years.  The median time to graduation has been 6.0 years during this same time period. During this same time period 25% of students completed the program in 5 years.


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