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(Psychology Experience Credits)

The Department of Psychology administers the Psychology Experience Credits (PEC) program. The PEC program involves all students enrolled in Introductory Psychology (Psy.3). As part of their course requirements, students are expected to earn a minimum of two (2) Psychology Experience Credits.

Students may earn the necessary PEC’s by participating in one(1) of two (2) activities:

  1. Psychology Research Project: Participation in an IRB-approved research project(s) under the supervision of Psychology Department faculty.
  2. Psychology Journal Article: Identify, read and write a two (2) page summary of an article published within the past year in a psychology journal available from the library.

Students will participate in a Psychology Research Project for which they fulfill the inclusion criteria, on a first-come, first-served basis. In any given semester, if there are not a sufficient number of research projects to accommodate all students taking Introductory Psychology, the remainder of students will be required to complete the Psychology Journal Article option.

Students who have not completed the PEC program requirement before the Monday of the last full week of classes in any given semester will be given a grade of “incomplete” for the course. All Departmental rules and regulations concerning “incomplete” grades will apply. Incomplete's can be made up by participating in the PEC program, as outlined above. After successful completion of the PEC program, a student will submit the appropriate forms to the PEC Coordinator, who will facilitate the grade change process.

PEC’s are allocated in half-hour increments (e.g., participation in a session lasting one hour is worth 1 PEC, a session of half an hour in length earns 0.5 PEC). At the end of the session, researchers should complete the PEC program Student Form, and return the stamped form to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to hand in the PEC form to the Introductory Psychology instructor.



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