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Howard McGuire
Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology
University of Illinois, 1972

Growing up in a university setting provided me an opportunity to develop a variety of educational eperiences.  With joint interests in Psychology and Mathematics, I was able to find a way to combine in mathematical psychology through what was then an unknown field, computer programing.  Since then, my professional work has taken me through many diverse content areas.  In association with John Exner, I helped develop and programed the Exner Comphrensive System's scoring program, RIAP.  Based on cross-cultural studies, I helped to write textbooks for foreign diplomats and now serve as an Associate Editor for the Journal of International Conflict.  In summary,  I have been active in employing the utility of the computer in psychological researchs through personality assessment, group decision modeling, cognitive process simulations and the like.

Research Interests:  The primary theme that ties together a variety of different research experiences has been a concern with individual differences in changes in decision making processes involving risk-taking, interpersonal perception and judgement, and similiar cognitive processes.  This is allied with a strong interest in social situational influences upon those individual perception and social judgement processes as employed in social groups.

Representative Publications:

    Mcguire, H. & Exner, J.E., Jr., (1995). Issues of probability and Rorschach research.  In J.E. Exner (Ed.) Issues and Methods in Rorschach Research.  Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

    Starr, C., Rosenberg, J.M. & Mcguire, H.(1994). Pharmacist-operated drug information centers in the United States--1992.  American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy,

    Exner, J.E., Mcguire, H. and Cohen, J.(1985).  RIAP-Rorschach interpretation aid program. Bayville, NY:Rorschach Workshops.

    Mcguire, H., Curry, E., Kosti, E., and Georgi, C. (1975).  The determination of patterns of recidivism in juvenile offenders.  Contract Project Report:  The Montgomery County JuveniIe Court.  Cincinatti, Ohio: Arthur Young and Co.

    Triandis, H. C., Mcguire, H., Saral, T., Yang, Kur-shui Loh, W., and Vassiliou, V.  (1972).  A cross-cultural study of role perception.  In H. C. Triandis (Ed.).  The analysis of subjective culture.  N.Y.: Wiley and Sons.


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