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Robert Fudin
Ph.D., Experimental Psychology
New York University, 1967

Research Interests:   Psychoanalytic theory and subliminal perception, particulary subliminal psychodynamic activation.

Recent Publications:

    Fudin, R. and Levinson, H.  (1994).  Note on 1993 salaries of major league baseball players.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 78, 1085-1086.

    Fudin, R., Renninger, L., and Hirshon, J. (1994).  Analysis of data from Reichler's (1979) The Baseball Encyclopedia:  right-handed pitchers are taller and heavier than left-handed pitchers.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 78, 1043-1048.

    Fundin, R., Renninger, L, Lembessis, E., and Hirshon, J.  (1993).  Sinistrality and reduced longevity: Reichler's 1979 data on baseball players do not indicate a relationship.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 76, 171-182.


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