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About the Psychology Department

The Psychology Department at Long Island University offers education and training in understanding emotions and behavior, at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. The department is comprised of 18 full-time faculty, with specialties including personality assessment, psychological problems with political refugees, emotional regulation, psychotherapy processes, risk and resilience associated with anxiety and mood disorders and psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral models of treatment. Full-time faculty teach at all levels of the department.

The undergraduate program in psychology offers a variety of coursework and training. The major requires 31 credits in psychology, including courses in contemporary systems of psychology, statistics, and experimental design. Research training is available through the Career Opportunities through Research (COR) program, and independent study with core faculty members. The Honors Program offers specialty, small-size classes for motivated students with a G.P.A. above 3.0.

Students in the Master’s Program receive a mix of theoretical and applied coursework. The program is designed to provide a broad grounding in psychological principles and practice that ready the student for work in related fields or for continued education at the doctoral level

The Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology, has been continuously accredited by the American Psychological Association since 1974, and offers high quality clinical and research training. Students in the Ph.D. program are trained to function as clinical psychologists in a variety of settings and work closely with program faculty to develop independent, original research projects. The Ph.D. program operates the Psychological Services Center, in which members of the university community can receive psychological assessment and treatment at no cost.

The Psychology Department is a vital contributor to the University’s mission, emphasizing education and service to the community. Psychology Department faculty serve on several committees, including the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), and collaborate with members of other departments and schools within the university.

Psychology faculty have developed research designed to benefit members of the LIU community. Projects developed by department faculty include campus-wide mental health screening, evaluation and treatment for students experiencing test-taking anxiety, and psychotherapy process research designed to improve clinical services and supervision. In addition, department faculty are active contributors to the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and core seminar offerings.


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