Intercultural Institute on Human Development and Aging

Sinfree Makoni, PhD.

Degree Institutions: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Title: Associate Professor of Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Professor Makoni holds a PhD from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He has taught in a number of undergraduate and graduate programs in Africa, Europe and the United States. His research interests are in cognition, second language acquisition, and language in aging. He is currently involved in a number of empirical research projects on multilingual aging.

Honors and Awards

Jan - April 1998Visiting Research Fellow. Centre for Applied Linguistics Research, Thames Valley University, United Kingdom
1999 - 2000The DuBois - Mandela - Rodney Fellowship, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA for 1999-2000. Centre for Afro-American and African Studies.
1996 JanuaryAssociate Professor in Applied Linguistics, Department of English Language & Literature, University of Cape Town.
1995 (Jan to Dec.)Acting Chairperson, Department of Linguistics, University of the Western Cape
1992 - 1995Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Departments of Didactics/Linguistics, University of the Western Cape (UWC)
1992 - 1995Convenor Masters in Applied Linguistics and language Education

Papers and publications in International Journals

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Chapters in Books

A study into the conversational abilities of a demented Second Language speaker. In Language and Literacy's. Proceedings of the 15th Annual conference of the Southern African Association of Applied Linguistics, University of Zululand, 1998.
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Co-edited Books

Language and Institutions in Africa (co-edited with N.Kamwangamalu) Center for the Advanced Studies of African Societies, Cape Town (2000) Witwatersrand University Press 2000
Freedom and Discipline:Essays in Applied Linguistics from southern Africa. (co-edited with Elaine and Stan Ridge). New Delhi, Bahri
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Book Reviews

Discrimination through language the Namibian Experience (Ed) By M. Putz in BUA 10.4 1997
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