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COR Fellowship and Honors Program
Educational and Career Opportunities in Research


**Supported by an NIHM training grant to
Long Island University, PI; Carol Magai, Ph.D.
  • The COR Fellowship program is devoted to cultivating graduate study skills in minority undergraduate students.
  • The COR Research track is nested within the Psychology Honors Program in which eight of the top honors students are COR Fellows.
COR Fellows
Natalie Medina
Simone Silvera
Jiselle Lorde
Kimberly Doyle
Tristan Adams
Hadiya Barlatier
Joan Spencer
Sathyra Stewart
  • The goal is to build upon existing efforts at LIU Brooklyn campus to recruit and retain under-represented minority students in its psychology program and prepare them for gradate studies and careers in biomedical and mental health research.
  • To provide COR Fellows with broad training in psychological research methods.
  • COR Fellows receive a tuition scholarship.
  • COR Fellows are paid a stipend.
  • COR Fellows and Honors students receive one-to-one mentoring, intensive curricula advisement and career planning.
  • COR Fellows and Honors students participate in skills enhancement workshops and research apprenticeships.
  • COR Fellows will emerge from the program with at least one publication or meeting presentation on their resume.
  • COR Fellow are prepped for GRE's and gradate school admission.
  • COR Fellow should possess a GPA of 3.2 or better (Honors students must have at least a 3.0).
  • COR Fellow must have between 45 and 60 undergraduate credits.
  • COR Fellows must have recommendations by two faculty members, at least one from psychology.
  • COR Fellows must write a personal essay and interview with the Honors/COR Program Coordinator and Associate Coordinator.
  • COR Fellow will attend summer workshops on research writing and advanced statistics.
  • COR Fellow will maintain a GPA of 3.2 (Honors GPA of 3.0).
  • COR Fellow will conduct an Honors Thesis.
  • COR students will attend Honors classes during the Fall and Spring.
  • Attend at least six colloquia a semester.
  • COR students will produce a paper describing the results of their summer research projects.

Summer Worshops

  • Research Writing I & II
  • Math and Statisitics I & II

Junior Year

  • Research Ethics
  • Honors Experimental Health Psychology
  • Honors Motivation and Emotion
  • Honors Statistics
  • Honors Seminars
    • Conducting Research
    • Statistical Software
  • Electives

Senior Year

  • Honors Experimental Social Personality
  • Honors Neuropsychology
  • Honors Research Project
  • Experimental Cognitive or Human Development
  • Electives


  • Carol Magai, Ph.D., COR Program Director, Professor of Psychology, Dean of Research of the Brooklyn Campus
  • Gary Kose, Ph.D., Honors/COR Fellows Program Coordinator, Professor of Psychology
  • Elizabeth Kudadjie-Gyamfi, Ph.D., Associate Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Carl Cohen, M.D., SUNY Research Coordinator, COR Program Steering Committee

LIU Mentors
David Castro-Blanco, Ph.D.
Gary Kose. Ph.D.
Paul Ramirez, Ph.D.
Lisa Samstag, Ph.D.
Carol Magai, Ph.D.

SUNY Health Science Center Mentors
Carl Chen, M.D.
Jeremy Coplan, M.D.
David Desmond, M.D.
Steven Friedman, M.D
Joan Hittleman, M.D
Leonard Rosenblum, M.D.
Peter Weiden, M.D.

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