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Intercultural Institute on Human Development and Aging

General Policies Regarding the Use of Archival Data

The Institute views its data archives as a resource for scholars from a wide variety of disciplines. We expect that archives will be primarily of interest to aging, emotion, health, and ethnicity researchers, but anticipate that scholars from other disciplines will find them useful as well.

Requests for using the Institute archives

Scholars wishing to use the Institute archives should submit:

  • A written proposal (1-2 pages in length) describing the proposed research to the address below. Research by non-faculty should be co-signed by a faculty advisor. This proposal should include:
  • A description of the intended use of the data
  • A timetable for planned data use
  • A plan for preserving the confidentiality of the data
  • A curriculum vitae or resume
Data security, confidentiality, and ethical use

All Intitute data were gathered under conditions of confidentiality, and assurances were given to participants that all future use of these data would be in strict accordance with ethical standards. These same criteria apply to new projects that propose to use the archival data. When necessary, the Institute will refer a proposal for use of data to the Long Island University Institutional Review Board for approval.

Citation of Institute assistance

Publications that make use of datasets or other Institute assistance must contain a footnote or other appropriate acknowledgement of this use.

Address for requests

Archival Data Request
Intercultural Institute on Human Develoment and Aging
191 Willoughby St, Suite 1A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Ph: 718-246-6476


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