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Nicole M. Cain, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor


B.A. Psychology, Cornell University
M.S. Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Cain received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009. She completed her APA-accredited internship at Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA in 2009 and was a research postdoctoral fellow at The Personality Disorders Institute at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College from 2009-2011.

Research Interests

Dr. Cainís research interests focus on exploring phenotypic heterogeneity in Axis I and Axis II disorders and how heterogeneity influences diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical outcome. Specifically, she has investigated the need to expand the assessment of pathological narcissism to include narcissistic grandiosity as well as narcissistic vulnerability and has used the interpersonal circumplex to examine the impact of interpersonal styles and problems on the presentation, course, and outcome of specific Axis I disorders. Dr. Cain is interested in developing and testing interventions to more effectively assess and treat patients who have similar Axis I pathology but differing interpersonal styles.


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