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         The Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a student-centered institution that also serves its other stakeholders including faculty and staff, alumni, the pharmaceutical community and industry, and the public, in a variety of ways.

         Preparing students for contemporary practice, while envisioning future trends and expanded roles, today’s education is focused on the delivery of patient-centered and population-based care that ensures optimal medication therapy outcomes.  Based upon the core values of a liberal arts and sciences education, the professional curriculum provides a strong foundation in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social/behavioral/administrative, and clinical sciences.  The program is enriched by both the extraordinary diversity of the student body, and the strength of outstanding clinical affiliations in the New York Metropolitan area.  As a result, students will be prepared for post-graduate training and the practice of medication management.

         Underpinning the attainment of specific curricular outcomes, the College endeavors to impart to students the attributes of responsible and informed citizenry, the cultivation of ethical and cultural values, and the development of leadership skills.

         The College seeks to create an environment that encourages creativity and innovation, promotes collegiality, and stimulates the creation, transmission, and application of knowledge that leads to improved health outcomes or otherwise benefits society.  To this end, the College offers post-graduate programs in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, and social and administrative sciences. Collaboration with health care institutions is sought to enable participation in the development of residency programs and to explore new opportunities for post-graduate professional education.

         As a living and growing community of scholars, teachers, and learners, the College fosters faculty, staff and adjunct/volunteer preceptor development, and makes special efforts to provide students with opportunities for diverse and enhanced career growth.

         Recognizing its obligation to the profession, the College supports the expanding scope of pharmacy practice through legislative advocacy and leadership.  It addresses the continuum of learning through a commitment to the development of life-long learning patterns among current students, as well as through an active program of continuing education for practitioners that is attuned to changing pharmacy practice needs.

         Consistent with the University’s mission of Access and Excellence the College of Pharmacy has a mission to pursue continuous quality assurance, and to ensure a place of prominence in the University’s organization and structure.



         Serving the largest metropolitan area in the United States, the Arnold and Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences strives to be the urban leader in pharmacy education.  As part of a private independent University, the College’s unique environment, enriched by diversity, provides challenges and opportunities for its constituents to excel in teaching and focused research, and to provide service to the community and the profession.  A leading advocate for an expanded scope of pharmacy practice, the College looks to forge alliances and partnerships with other health care providers, the government, and the pharmaceutical industry so that we are able to adapt to a continually changing environment.  A culture of entrepreneurism guides and influences the setting of priorities in this dynamic system.

Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - 75 Dekalb Avenue - Brooklyn, New York. (718) 488-1004