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Division of Pharmacy Practice


Office of Experiential Education


Professional Program:

Doctor of Pharmacy
(Pharm D.)

Graduate Programs:

Doctor of Philosophy with specialization in Pharmaceutics

Master of Science Degree-Pharmaceutics with specialization in:
- Industrial Pharmacy
- Cosmetic Science

Master of Science Degree with specialization in Pharmacology/Toxicology

Master of Sciences Degree with specialization in:
- Pharmacy Administration
- Drug Regulatory Affairs


Division of Pharmacy Practice

Faculty/Administration: 718-488-1270

Dr. Anthony J. Cutie,
Acting Division Director

Dr. Lana Borno
Dr. Agnes Cha
Dr. Lorraine A. Cicero
Dr. Henry Cohen
Dr. Victor Cohen
Dr. Robert DiGregorio
Dr. Kristin Fabbio
Dr. Brooke D. Fidler
Dr. Suzanna Gim
Dr. Tamara Goldberg
Dr. Christopher Ho
Dr. Harold L. Kirschenbaum
Dr. Troy Kish
Dr. Fraidy Maltz
Dr. Nino Marzella
Dr. Jadwiga Najib
Dr. Joseph Nathan
Dr. Timothy Nguyen
Dr. Anna Nogid
Dr. John Papadopoulos
Dr. Richard Perry
Dr. Antony Pham
Dr. Roda Plakogiannis
Dr. Eunice Y. Pyon
Dr. Elaena Quattrocchi
Dr. Ashley Richardson
Dr. Kimberly Sarosky
Dr. Edgar Schwartz
Dr. Roopali Sharma
Dr. Theologia Ternas
Dr. Yuliana Toderika
Dr. Susan Cunha Villegas
Dr. Amy Wang

Dr. Sholonda D. Williams
Dr. Elaine Wong
Dr. Tina Zerilli

Ms. Candace M. Mounsey, Secretary


Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - 75 Dekalb Avenue - Brooklyn, New York. (718) 488-1004