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Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Ph.D. Degree with specialization in Pharmaceutics

Master of Science Degree-Pharmaceutics with specialization in:
- Industrial Pharmacy
- Cosmetic Science

Master of Science Degree with specialization in Pharmacology/Toxicology

Master of Sciences Degree with specialization in:
- Pharmacy Administration
- Drug Regulatory Affairs

Professional Program:

Doctor of Pharmacy
(Pharm D.)


Doctor of Philosophy with specialization in Pharmaceutics

Program Director,
Anthony J. Cutie, Ph.D.
Telephone: (718) 488-1101


The Doctor of Philosophy program offers a diversified curriculum that is fundamentally based on scientific principles of chemistry and mathematics yet permits one to specialize in many areas of research and preformulation, including: solubility and stability; dosage form design; development; controlled drug delivery dosage forms, including oral, parenteral, transdermal, and nasal routes of administration; manufacturing; and biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics. Accordingly, prerequisites to the core curriculum are courses in organic chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, calculus and differential equations. These background courses are all available at the University, and students who lack these prerequisites will be required to take the appropriate courses prior to the beginning of their doctoral studies.

Degree Requirements

Students must complete 69 credits of course work, including a minimum of four semesters of the Research and Thesis course, pass the NIH-style proposal, and successfully defend orally their Ph.D. doctoral dissertation. Students who have earned an M.S. degree may receive up to 18 credits if the M.S. courses are appropriate.

Required Courses   Cr.
BIO 692 Molecular Biology  3
CHE 621 Advanced Organic Chemistry I   3
MAT 610 Differential Equations I   3
MAT 611 Differential Equations II   3
PHS 021 Seminar in Pharmaceutics*  1
PHS 701 Physical Chemistry I 3
PHS 702 Physical Chemistry II  3
PHS 880 Thermal Physics and Applications to the Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Systems I   3
PHS 901

Basic Pharmaceutics (required for foreign students and non-Pharmacy majors)  

PHS 972 Methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis 3
PHS 987 Advanced Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 3
PHS 990 Pharmacokinetic Modeling  3
PHS 991 Solubility and Complex Equilibria  3
PHS 992 Drug Delivery and Transport Processes 3
PHS 993 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Drug Degradation    3
PHS 994 Drug Stabilization    3
PHS 996 Interfacial Phenomena 3

*Students are required to register for three semesters; one credit per semester.

Electives    Cr.
BIO 505 Electron Microscopy Lecture  3
 BIO 506 Electron Microscopy Laboratory     3
BIO 647 Immunology  4
CHE 581 Computational Chemistry 3
CHE 589 Scientific Computer Programming and Interfacing 3
CHE 606 Advanced Physical Chemistry   3
PHS 070 Special Problems   3
PHS 881 Thermal Physics and Applications to the Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Systems II    3
PHS 902 Regulatory Compliance in the Practice of Industrial Pharmacy 3
PHS 931 Advanced Physical Pharmacy I  3
PHS 932 Advanced Physical Pharmacy II    3
PHS 934 Principles of Industrial Pharmacy I      3
PHS 935   Principles of Industrial Pharmacy II    3
PHS 936 Dosage Form Design           3
PHS 937

Pharmaceutical Engineering  

PHS 950 Cosmetic/Dermatological Formulations and Technology I      3
PHS 951 Cosmetic/Dermatological Formulations and Technology II    3
PHS 954 Special Topics in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Microbiology     3
PHS 955 Integrated Dosage Form Development    3
 PHS 958 Aerosol Science and Technology   3
PHS 960 Properties/Applications of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials  3
PHS 970 Principles of Quality Assurance     3
PHS 975 Introduction to Packaging Principles   3
PHS 980 Sterile Products       3
PHS 981 Polymers in Pharmaceutical Systems    3
PHS 982 Science and Technology of Controlled Release Systems    3
PHS 986 Microencapsulation  3
PHS 989 Special Topics in Pharmaceutics PHS 995 Transport Phenomena and Drug Delivery II   1-3
Research and Thesis   
PHS 998 Ph.D. Research and Thesis 
Total Credits 69
Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - 75 Dekalb Avenue - Brooklyn, New York. (718) 488-1004