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Ph.D. Degree with specialization in Pharmaceutics

Master of Science Degree-Pharmaceutics with specialization in:
- Industrial Pharmacy
- Cosmetic Science

Master of Science Degree with specialization in Pharmacology/Toxicology

Master of Sciences Degree with specialization in:
- Pharmacy Administration
- Drug Regulatory Affairs

Professional Program:

Doctor of Pharmacy
(Pharm D.)


Master of Science Degree with specialization in Pharmacology/Toxicology

Program Director,
Anthony J. Cutie, Ph.D.
Telephone: (718) 488-1101

The specialization in Pharmacology/Toxicology is available to those individuals holding a baccalaureate degree from an accredited program in biological or chemical sciences and related disciplines, pharmacy graduates and other healthcare practitioners. The program is intended to develop the skills needed to: 1. pursue a research and/or teaching career in a related discipline; 2. determine drug activity, effectiveness and toxicity; 3. develop new methodologies for drug evaluation according to good laboratory practices; and 4. critically evaluate experimental data as presented in the literature.

Undergraduate Prerequisites:

Biochemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology

The following courses are open only to students enrolled in the graduate program or those in graduate standing.

Degree Requirements

Students taking the Non-Thesis Option must complete 36 credits of course work and pass the written Comprehensive Examination. Students taking the Thesis Option must complete 33 credits of course work of which 6 credits are for Research and Thesis, PTM 060. Thesis students must register for PTM 060 in two consecutive semesters, 3 credits each semester.

Required Courses  Cr.
PHA 010 Biostatistics 3
PTM 020 Seminar in Pharmacology/Toxicology       3
PTM 704 Autonomic Pharmacology         3
PTM 705 Biochemical Pharmacology 3
PTM 709 Advanced Pharmacology           3
PTM 802 Experimental Methods in Pharmacology/Toxicology    3
PTM 910 Toxicology of Drugs and Chemicals    3
Total Credits 21
Electives and Research     Cr.
PHA 603 Drug Regulatory Affairs  3
PTM 707 Carcinogens, Mutagens, Teratogens  3
PTM 708 Cardiovascular Pharmacology      3
PTM 709 Advanced Pharmacology 3
PTM 804 Inborn Errors of Metabolism   3
PTM 902 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry   3
PTM 905 Principles of Immunotherapy 3
PTM 907 Psychopharmacology    3
PTM 912 Environmental Toxicology 3
PTM 913 Drugs of Abuse  3
PTM 914 Chemotherapy    3
PTM 916 Renal Pharmacology               3
PTM 917 Molecular Toxicology     3
PTM 920 Molecular Pharmacology     3
Total Credits for Pharmacology/Toxicology 33-36
Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - 75 Dekalb Avenue - Brooklyn, New York. (718) 488-1004