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Information on this page is intended for professional phase (year 3) candidates only.  This information, as well as information regarding application instructions for pre-professional studies (years 1 & 2), is available in the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy Bulletin, Brooklyn Campus Undergraduate Bulletin, and the Pharmacy Guidelines Booklet.

Professional Phase (Year 3)
Fall 2013

The Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University accepts approximately 200 students every fall to the professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD.) program.  The professional phase of the program is very competitive and offers no guarantee of admission.  Selection is based on several factors that include but are not limited to grade point average, test scores, personal statement, letters of recommendation and an interview.  

  • Application Deadline:  January 7, 2013 EXTENDED DEADLINEApplies to both applications, no exceptions.

PharmCAS - www.pharmcas.org (Required for all applicants to professional phase)

LIU-BC Undergraduate Applicationwww.liu.edu/brooklyn/apply (Required for transfer students only)

  • It is recommended that applications and transcripts are sent to PharmCAS 6-7 weeks prior to the PharmCAS application deadline

Submission of your PharmCAS application and transcripts prior to the deadline does not guarantee admission

  • Application for Re-Admission:  Students who have previously attended the LIU-Brooklyn Campus PharmD Program - professional phase (years 3, 4, 5, or 6), earned grades, did not attend classes for at least one semester, and did not complete their degree must apply for re-admission.  Please contact the Admissions Office at (718) 488-1011 for information. DO NOT complete the PharmCAS application.



  1. Complete and submit the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS) application.  PharmCAS is an electronic application service operated by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).  

All applications for the professional program, including external transfer and current LIU students, must be processed through PharmCAS, there are no exceptions.  There is a separate non-negotiable fee required; payable to PharmCAS.  Please see the PharmCAS application instructions for additional information.  Listed below are additional requirements for application completion.

  • Personal Statement - Part of the PharmCAS application is a personal essay, approximately one page in length, addressing why you selected Pharmacy as a career and how the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals. You should explain why you want to be a pharmacist and support this information with autobiographical details including pharmacy/health care work, volunteer experiences, related extracurricular activities, leadership roles, or any other important information.
  • Letters of Recommendation - Two letters of recommendation are required. These letters may be from an employer, professor, supervisor of a community service project, etc.; however, they may not come from a family member, teaching assistant, co-worker, or friend. You will need to designate your evaluators as part of your PharmCAS application.  Electronic submission of letters of reference is preferred but paper references are accepted.  Paper references must accompany the PharmCAS reference form (available on the PharmCAS website) in the same envelope.  **PharmCAS will forward your letters of recommendation as they are completed; DO NOT wait to submit your application**
  • PharmCAS ‘Academic Update’ WindowPharmCAS provides an opportunity for you to update the coursework section of your application to include grades for newly completed courses as well as edit in-progress/ planned coursework for current and future semesters.  Immediately following the close of the fall semester, the ‘Academic Update’ window will open December 14, 2012 and will close February 15, 2013.  **Carefully read the instructions for the academic update before completion**
  1. Complete the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus Undergraduate Application: Transfer students interested in applying to Long Island University must complete the online application.  There is a $40 non-refundable fee required payable to Long Island University.  Please mail your check or money order to:  Long Island University, Admissions Office, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201.  Cash will not be accepted.

**All current LIU students, all campuses, are exempt from this requirement**  

  1. Submit the following supporting credentials: 
  • Transcripts – Immediately following the completion and submission of your PharmCAS application and, if applicable, the LIU-BC undergraduate application, forward official transcripts and foreign credential evaluations (if attended university outside of the U.S.) to both PharmCAS and the LIU-BC Admissions Processing Center.  Also, provide a list of current and future coursework in progress; i.e. fall, spring, and summer semesters (if planned). 

Foreign Credential Evaluations – Students who have obtained university education outside of the U.S. must submit credential evaluations and translations for review and consideration.  Transfer of course credits will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please see the Credential Evaluator’s List of acceptable agencies at http://www2.brooklyn.liu.edu/pharmacy/Credential_Evaluators_list.pdf.

  • Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) - The PCAT exam measures the student’s verbal ability, reading comprehension, quantitative ability, chemistry, biology and writing skills. 

The PCAT is required for entry into the professional phase of the PharmD program, there are no exceptions.  First consideration will be given to those candidates who have completed the test prior to January 5, 2013; however, scores should not be older than three calendar years.  Exam scores must be submitted to PharmCAS where they will be matched to your application.  Pre-registration for the PCAT is required.  Please find the available testing dates listed on their website at www.pcatweb.info.

  • Other Exams

Standardized Tests - Transfer credit may be considered for the exams listed below.  Please submit the following official score reports to the Admissions Processing Center for consideration:

Advanced Placement (AP) – minimum score 3
International Baccalaureate (IB) – minimum score HL 4
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) – minimum score 50 (computer based)

English Proficiency - Students for whom English is not their native language must submit evidence of English proficiency. Students who have studied where English is the primary language of instruction may submit an SAT Critical Reading score as evidence of proficiency; minimum required score is 480. Otherwise, submit results for one of the English Language score reports listed below to PharmCAS; SAT scores may be submitted to the Admissions Processing Center:

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL PBT) – minimum score 550
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) – minimum score 79
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – minimum score 6

*Please use the ‘Student Credential Cover Sheet’ to submit supporting credentials to the Admissions Processing Center. 

  1. Grade Point Average (GPA)Applicants to the professional program should possess a GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) for cumulative, science, and mathematics for consideration.  However, depending upon the quantity and quality of applications received and because the College of Pharmacy offers only a limited number of seats for the professional program, a more competitive GPA may be required for consideration.


College of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Guidelines Booklet.pdf

Academic Bulletins

*Professional Phase Requirements.pdf

Apply Now [Undergraduate Application]

*Pre-Requisite Course List.pdf

Student Credential Cover Sheet


*Included within the Pharmacy Guidelines Booklet


Application Fee
The Long Island University Brooklyn Undergraduate Application requires a $40 Non-refundable Fee – May be made via check or money order, payable to Long Island University, Office of Admissions, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY 11201.  Cash will not be accepted.

Mailing Address (Transfer Applicants)
After completion of the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus - undergraduate application, please forward all supporting credentials to the Admissions Processing Center. 

Please use the ‘Credential Cover Sheet’ found on the Admissions Processing Center website, http://www.liu.edu/Brooklyn/Admissions/Forms-Documents.aspx, for each mailing to the processing center.  Please include your LIU identification number.  This is necessary to match your documents with your file.

Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Admissions Processing Center
P.O. Box 810
Randolph, MA 02368-0810

Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screening
Information such as criminal background checks and drug screening may be required but should NOT be completed until requested by the College of Pharmacy.

Program/Curriculum Information
Information regarding pre-requisite courses, course descriptions, and program/curriculum information is available in our Pharmacy Bulletin, Undergraduate Bulletin, and the Fall 2011 Pharmacy Guidelines Booklet. 

Wait List
Students not admitted with the initial round of admissions may be placed on a wait list.  Selection from the waitlist depends on the number of students who have committed to accept the seats offered.  As seats become available, selection from the waitlist begins and may continue until the start of the fall semester.

Status checks
PharmCAS (year 3) applicants should log into their accounts on the PharmCAS website to retrieve status information.  Once the university has received the initial PharmCAS application the status will be changed to ‘Received/Under Review’.  This status will remain until the admission decision has been made.  Decision letters including admit, wait list, and deny will be sent through U.S. Postal Mail.  Invitations to interview will be sent by U.S. Postal Mail and email.  All correspondence will be sent to the current address provided on the PharmCAS application.

Admission Decisions
ACCEPTANCE letters will be mailed in March and April.  A $500.00 non-refundable tuition deposit is required to hold the seat; generally due three weeks from the date on the acceptance letter.  Tuition deposits are NOT required for current LIU students.  WAIT LIST candidates will be notified by mail between June 1st and September 1st of changes to their application status.

Financial Aid
Applicants to the College of Pharmacy who are U.S. citizens or eligible non-citizens should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Scholarships and grants are available to entering and continuing students.


Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - 75 Dekalb Avenue - Brooklyn, New York. (718) 488-1004