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The Freshman Year Program of Long Island University 's Brooklyn Campus welcomes and supports incoming students in achieving all of their college goals! Freshman Year Programs includes the following four components:

 Orientation Seminar 1: The University ~ Discovery and Change

All incoming freshman are programmed for this informative and interactive course that is designed to provide students with the foundation necessary to thrive in their academic ventures. Meeting twice a week for 50 minutes, students engage in lively workshops that help develop the academic, professional and life skills necessary for success in their first year at Long Island University . Taught by Academic Advisors, Career Counselors, Faculty, and Teaching Administrators, the curriculum of this course includes the following three thematic areas :

Academic Skills Foundation: Regardless of past academic achievement, all students can benefit from refining the wide range of study skills needed to succeed in their classes. The workshops in this unit aim to teach students new strategies that will enasble them to succeed in each of their disciplines. Topics include: Developing a Thesis, Organizing a Paper, Note-Taking, Classroom Discourse, Study Skills, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, and Library Research.

Life Skills Foundation: Often, the students who have the greatest academic and professional success are those who have mastered basic life skills. Workshops in this session help students explore ways to balance their academic, professional and personal lives. Topics include: Time Management, Stress Management, Self-Assessment, Career Research, Financial Aid & Money Management, Decision Making, Emotional Intelligence, and LIU Major Exploration.

Campus Community Connections: An important role of OS 1 instructors includes enabling students to develop strong relationships with each other and many important members of the campus community. The workshops in this unit also encourage students to reflect upon the strong role personal values and ethics play in creating a successful educational experience. Students will learn about the many resources on our campus and become more active members of the LIU campus community. Topics include: Personal Values, Academic Integrity & Plagiarism, Student Leadership, LIU Campus Communities, Civic Responsibility, LIU Arts Exploration, and Campus Cultural Diversity.

COOP 1: Career Readiness The purpose of this course is to help you jump start your professional path while you are still pursuing undergraduate stu di es. Students receive intensive guidance in self-assessment, career research, skills & values clarification, and self-marketing techniques which include resume writing, networking, and interview skills. In short, the content of this course will prepare you to be a competitive can di date for desirable job opportunities. Orientation Day Orientation Day is a lively and interactive event that offers a variety of workshops, activities and tours designed to help incoming students acclimate to their new environment, meet key faculty and administrators, and connect with their fellow students. This event is a great way for freshman to break the ice and begin their college career!

The Student Mentor Program

The Student Mentor program is composed of successful and outgoing LIU students who are de di cated to enhancing the college experience for incoming freshman. Throughout the academic year, mentors develop and facilitate a range of events, workshops, and excursions that provide information, support, and a sense of community to LIU freshman. Mentors are trained to assist OS 1 instructors in a range of classroom workshops and also provide the LIU community with support in a range of campus-wide events.

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