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    • LIU Online Writing Assessment (OWA)
      Spring/Summer 2012 Online Writing Assessment - Events & Dates

    • The OWA is a weekly event starting every Monday. Please note the following registration dates:

    • APRIL 2012

      Monday, April 2nd

      Monday, April 9th

      Monday, April 16th

      Monday, April 23rd

      Monday, April 30th

      MAY 2012

      Monday, May 7th

      Monday, May 14th

      Monday, May 21st

      Monday, May 28th

      JUNE 2012

      Monday, June 4th

      Monday, June 11th

      Monday, June 18th

      Monday, June 25th

      JULY 2012

      Monday, July 9th

      Monday, July 16th

      Monday, July 23rd

      Monday, July 30th

      AUGUST 2012

      Monday, August 6th

      Monday, August 13th

      Monday, August 20th

    • As soon as you get your invitation letter, please send a pre-registration email to with the following personal information:

    • First Name:
      Middle Name/initial:
      Last Name:
      LIU student ID #
      E-mail address:
      I want to register for the LIU-OWA on: (date)

    • Once you send your pre-registration email, you will receive an email with your login and password information. Please proceed to register for the test (login here: Note: you will not be able to register on the site until registration opens each Monday at 9:00am. You must follow the corresponding deadlines to register for the exam, download readings and a prompt, and submit your essay. Please plan accordingly.

    • Each LIU OWA has a schedule of deadlines for the following events. Please follow them carefully.

      Starting Time (*EST)

      Ending Time (*EST)

      Pre-registration email

      The moment you get your invitation letter

      The Friday right before official registration begins

      Student official registration

      Every Monday at 9:00AM

      Next day, Tuesday at 9:00AM

      Day 1

      Readings posted on the website

      Tuesday - right after registration deadline - at 9:00AM

      Next day, Wednesday at 9:00AM

      Day 2

      Writing assignment posted on the website

      Wednesday at 9:00AM

      Thursday at 9:00AM

      Day 3

      Deadline for submitting an essay

      Thursday at 9:00AM

      Day 4


      Monday - five days after submitting your essay

      Day 8

    • (*EST = Eastern Standard Time)

    • Please log in as a student here: