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  • Sample Questions
    • This is a sample of the kinds of items you will find on the Computer Skills Evaluation Examination. These exact questions will not be on an actual evaluation. The actual exam will be given on computer. It is an interactive exam and will ask you to perform tasks such as those listed below. To take a sample exam on computer, please contact the Testing Center.

    • Part I: Windows

      • Find the Control Panel.

      • Use 'My Computer' to view the contents of the A: drive.

      • Open the Recycle Bin from the desktop.

      • In the window provided, display the previously viewed content.

      • Close the active window.

      • Replace the word 'printer' with 'network' in the Help search box shown on the screen.

      • Print the displayed Help topic.

      • Display the 'View' dropdown menu in the window shown.

    • Part II: Microsoft Word

      • Open the 'Class' document.

      • Change the selected text to Bold.

      • Delete the selected text.

      • Undo the delete.

      • Spell-check the document.

      • Save the file as 'my words' in the My Documents folder.

      • Print just the selected text.

      • Close Word.

    • Part III: Internet

      • Launch Internet Explorer.

      • Use a search engine to find a web site for New York City.

      • Bookmark the site.

      • Print a copy of the site.

      • Open the following URL:

      • Find the faculty list for the Brooklyn Campus Department of English.

      • Compose & email a short message to the following address:

      • Close the browser.

    • For additional resources and further practice, consider the following: