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  • Overview
    • Welcome to the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University.

    • Through your education at Long Island University, you will grow as an individual and as a member of a community and you will develop the skills necessary to succeed in your studies and in the workplace.

    • Because basic computer knowledge is an important part of your education, all undergraduate students are required to demonstrate basic computer skills in each of the following areas in order to graduate:
      (1) MS Windows,
      (2) MS Word, and
      (3) Internet/e-mail skills

    • Undergraduate students who first entered the Brooklyn Campus in Fall 2002 through the Spring of 2006 must meet this requirement by passing the Computer Literacy Evaluation Examination (CSEE).

    • Undergraduate students admitted to the Brooklyn Campus in Spring 2007 and thereafter may satisfy the computer proficiency requirement in one of the following four ways:

      • By passing all three sections of the Computer Skills Evaluation Exam (CSEE) listed below, with a C+ or higher.

      • Or

      • By passing all three designated Computer Science courses listed below, with a C+ or higher.

      • Or

      • By combining options 1 and 2. A student may substitute a passing grade of C+ or higher in the designated Computer Science course(s) for the corresponding section(s) of the CSEE.

    • Designated Computer Science Course Corresponding CSEE section

      CS-9 (Introduction to Windows Environment)

      CS-9A (Word Processing)> Word
      CS-9H (Internet WWW) Internet/e-mail

    • 4) Through previous college credit as discussed below. If either of the below conditions applies to you, it is your responsibility to make an appointment with the Testing Center to have your credit applied to the computer skills graduation requirement. You will not automatically receive credit.

      • All students entering with an Associate's or Bachelor's degree from another accredited institution will be exempt from the core curriculum computer literacy requirement. You must submit your degree to Admissions before meeting with the Testing Center.

      • Transfer students entering in Spring 2007 and thereafter can also meet the computer literacy requirement if they receive appropriate transfer credit from the Office of Admissions. You must submit your transcript to Admissions for an official transfer evaluation prior to meeting with the Testing Center.