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  • Ability to Benefit
  • Ability-to-Benefit Examination for Financial Aid Eligibility

    • The United States and New York State governments require all students who are applying for financial aid for the first time and who do not have a high school degree or its equivalent from the United States to take and pass an Ability-to-Benefit examination for financial aid eligibility.

      The exam must be passed by the last day of the drop/add period of the first semester for which you are applying for financial aid. Failure to take and pass the exam within the approved time period will make you ineligible for financial aid for the semester. If you miss the deadline for a particular semester, you may take the exam at an appropriate time for financial aid eligibility for the following semester.

      The Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University administers the COMPASS Examination to fulfill this requirement.

      The COMPASS is an computer-adaptive, multiple-choice examination in Writing Skills, Reading Skills, and Pre-Algebra/Numerical Skills.

      Minimum COMPASS Score Achievement Requirements for ATB Students

      Writing Skills: minimum score of 32

      Reading Skills: minimum score of 62

      Pre-Algebra/Numerical Skills: minimum score of 25

      For study and test preparation materials visit:

      COMPASS Writing
      COMPASS Reading
      COMPASS Pre-Algebra

      The COMPASS Exam is given by appointment only. Please call the Testing Center at 718-488-1392 to do so.

      The day of the test, please bring a current valid photo ID and a pen to the examination. The Windows Calculator can be accessed within the Pre-Algebra/Numerical Skill test; NO other electronic devices are permitted.

      Results of the examination will be available immediately after the test.

      International students, click here.