political Science department

  • Major Requirements
    • A major in the Political Science Department is required to complete Political Science 11 and 27 credits of advanced courses, including Political Science 150 or 151, and Political Science 185 (seminar) in the senior year. At least one course from each of the following four categories is also required:

      1. American Institutions and Political Practices: Political Science 120-149
      2. International Relations-Foreign Policy: Political Science 152 - 159
      3. Foreign Political Systems Comparative Politics: Political Science 160-169
      4. Political Theory: Political Science 170 or 171 (Students are encouraged to take additional theory courses).

      One course from the Social Science 200 series is required in a student’s senior year. A major in Political Science enables students who are interested in careers in the expanding fields of government service, law, journalism, public administration and other related professional activities to study the theory and practice of politics and government.

      Departmental advisers will assist students in exploring career possibilities and in devising a personalized plan of study that will best prepare them for their career goals. Students eligible to graduate as Political Science majors with honors must be accepted into the Senior Honors Thesis Program (Political Science 190-