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  • Students in any school or department may pursue an academic minor in Criminal Justice. The minor is for students interested in entering the field of criminal justice or an associated field, including the practice of law; working for lawyers; employment in criminal courts, government agencies, and organizations related to criminal justice; social work as relating to criminal justice; and journalism involving criminal justice issues.

    Students, in consultation with the Political Science Department, may construct their minor to supplement and complement their major; and courses taken for the minor may be used, whenever appropriate, to satisfy elective, distribution, or major requirements.

    The following courses are recommended:

    Political Science 130 The American Judicial System
    Political Science 132 The Administration of Criminal Justice
    Political Science 133 Rights of the Accused
    Political Science 134 Police and Public
    Political Science 139 Prisons and Prisoners
    Political Science 143 Urban Politics and Problems
    Sociology 127 Deviant Behavior
    Sociology 128 Criminology

    For further information, consult the Chair of the Political Science Department.

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