Office of Student Development & Retention

  • Who Do We Advise
  • What does a Student Development Officer do?
    Student Development Officers provide proactive and developmental counseling through regular contact with their advisees. Counselors help students explore various academic and professional fields of interest, select a specific academic major, research career options that relate to their programs, and develop plans of study appropriate for their educational goals. They also refer students to other campus offices for assistance in academic and personal issues, and educational skills development and financial aid.

    Who is advised in the Student Development Office?
    The Academic Advising Center provides professional academic advising to almost 2,000 students each academic year:
    The students advised in the OSD include:

      • Nearly all Conolly College students
      • Many transfer students
      • Undeclared/Undecided Students - UNC
      • Pre-professional Health Science and Pharmacy students
      • Plan for Academic Success (PAS) students

    The students who are NOT advised in the OSD but, are advised directly from their academic department/program are those enrolled in the following:

    Academic Departments

      • Dance
      • Friends World Program
      • General Science
      • International Students
      • Music
      • Nursing & Pre-Nursing
      • Respiratory Care
      • Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped
      • Theatre
      •   Speech Communication
      •   Sports Science

    Academic Programs

      • Achievement Studies (DEV)
      • College Entry Program (CEP)
      • HEOP
      • Honors
      • Intensive English Program (IEP)
      • Paralegal Program