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Long Island University
Periodic Review Report


Volume I

Executive Summary
University Mission & Vision Statement
Six-Year Enrollment History
Financial Condition and Outlook
Private Giving and Development Report
Capital Plan Fiscal Summary
List of Supporting Documents

Volume II     Brooklyn Campus Report

Volume III    C.W. Post Campus Report

Volume IV   Southampton Campus Report

Volume V   Regional Campuses Report
                     (Brentwood, Rockland, and Westchester)

(Submitted to the Commission on Higher Education / Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools / June 1, 1998)
(3 sets + 1 incomplete set)

Long Island University
"Annual Institutional Profile"
April 7, 1998
(4 Copies)

Brooklyn Campus Periodic Review Report
June 1, 1998
Supporting Document B6

(Box 1 of 2)

I.      School of Nursing
        Brooklyn Campus Long Island University
        "Self Study Report for Reaccreditation"
        April 12-15 Site Visit
        National League for Nursing Spring 1994

II.     The Brooklyn Hospital / Long Island University
         Physician Assistant Program
         "Self Study Report"
         Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

III.    Long Island University / Division of Sports Sciences
        Athletic Training Program / School of Health Professions
        "Self Study Report Guidelines"
        The Joint Committee on Educational Programs in Athletic Training

IV.   Long Island University / Division of Physical Therapy
        Professional Education Program
        "Self Study Report"
        October 1997

V.    "Self-Study Report Format"
        Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education
        American Physical Therapy Association
        Version: March 1993

VI.   Long Island University / Brooklyn Campus
        "Report of the Outcomes Assessment Committee"
        Spring, 1998

Brooklyn Campus Periodic Review Report
June 1, 1998

Supporting Document B6

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VII.    Scan Committee on Graduate Program and Potentials
           (Strategic Planning Committee of Long Island University)
           March 10, 1998

VIII.   Report of the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University
           "The Status of the Strategic Planning Project"
           June 1998

IX.      Long Island University
           Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology
           "1997 Self Study"

X.       Division of Respiratory Care
           "Self Study (in Progress)"
           Preliminary Outcomes Data

XI.      Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
           Long Island University
           "Self Study Progress Report"
           Prepared for the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education
           Accreditation Visit
           February 19-20, 1998

"Report to the Commission on Higher Education / Middle States Association of College (sic) and Schools"
October 24-27 [1993] Site Visit

The Brooklyn Campus
Long Island University
(3 copies; one is disbound )



2.     "Brooklyn Enrollment Analysis Fall 1987 - Fall 1992" (7 copies)

3.      "Faculty Demographics" (7 copies)

4.      "Faculty Professional Activities" (7 copies)

5.     "Grant Activity at the Brooklyn Campus" (6 copies)

6.     "Faculty Community Service" (7 copies)

7.      "Faculty Organization and Administration" (7 copies)

8.     "Organization of Student Life and Services" (7 copies)

9.      "Questionaire (sic) for Student Services Personnel" (7 copies)

10.    "Student Social and Cultural Clubs and Allocations" (7 copies)

11.     "Financial Aid Information" (7 copies)

12.     "Campus Cultural Offerings" (7 copies)

13.     "The Brooklyn Campus Library: Needs and Assessments" (7 copies; 2 disbound)

14.     "Library Holdings, Usage and Budgets, 1985-1992" (7 copies)

15.     "Library Acquisitions" (7 copies)


17.     "Academic Computing at Long Island University" (7 copies; 2 disbound)

18.     "Structure of Campus Learning Resources" (7 copies)

19.     "Tutoring Statistics for All Courses" (7 copies)

20.     "Tutor Training" (7 copies)

21.     "Computer Equipment and Software for Mathematics Tutors" (7 copies)

22.     "Audio-Visual Staffing and Equipment (7 copies)

23.     "Admissions Procedures" (7 copies)

24.     "The English Department Writing Program" (7 copies)

25.     "Instructions and Guides for the English 16 Portfolio System" (7 copies)

26.     "Assessing the Effectiveness of the English Department Writing Program"
           (7 copies)

27.     "Analysis of Pharmacy Curriculum" (7 copies)

28.     "Nursing State Education Report (Table of Contents Only: Document Available
           Elsewhere) (7 copies)

29.     "Assessment in the University Honors Program" (7 copies)

30.     "A Listing of Admissions Statistical Reports" (7 copies)

31.     "Publicity Releases of Public Relations 1992-1993" (6 copies)

32.     "Faculty Survey on Public Relations" (7 copies)

33.     "Brooklyn Campus Experts List" (7 copies)

34.      Results of the Faculty Survey 2001-2002



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