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February 2008 Update


Welcome to the Long Island University Middle States Periodic Review Website

During 2007/2008, we will again be formally looking at ourselves and examining not only the role we play as an institution of higher education, but also measuring how successful we have been in fulfilling our mission.  We do this as a part of the requirements for our accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. The University completed its last ten-year self-study review by Middle States that resulted in our reaccredidation in 2003, and the fifth-year Periodic Review this year will examine our responses to the suggestions and recommendations made in our own self-study and by the Commission on Higher Education’s visiting team in 2003.  It will also review the new challenges and circumstances that have emerged from the University since then, the success of our efforts to develop a strategic agenda, and the implementation a student outcomes assessment process.

The Periodic Review process will review the progress of the entire University with constituencies from the University Center, the Residence Campuses, and Regional Campuses.  It is not a mini self-study conducted in the same manner or on the same scale of the ten-year review nor will a team from Middle States visit the University.  What is more, Middle States does not require a lengthy written document for this review but instead encourages the use of documentation and data in support of analyses that have been generated and collected as part of our established institutional procedures.   The final review report will be vetted by the appropriate University-wide bodies for approval and thereafter sent to the evaluators chosen by the Commission on Higher Education.

The Long Island University Periodic Review process began in the late spring with the appointment of a University Steering Committee, which met for the first time on May 14, 2007 to set-up a timetable and to discuss organizational arrangements for completing the report.

The Brooklyn Campus is currently working on its portion. A working committee and timeline have been established for the Campus’ work.  We will be posting information on this website periodically to inform the community about our work and progress.

Dr. Carol Allen, English Department Professor
Dr. Margaret Cuonzo, Philosophy Department Chair
Dr. Gladys Palma de Schrynemakers, Assistant Provost

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