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Social Sciences and Social Work


Sociology Resources on the Internet
Put together by the library at Virginia Tech, it is a "comprehensive resource for finding sociology-related information on the Internet. It lists associations and organizations, discussion groups and listserv, electronic journals and newsletters, social theory resources, and World Wide Web starting points to help you on your way." (from IPL.com)

Sociology Timeline from 1600 on
You can click on people, events, names of essays or dates to find information and links.  Spans from 1600-1995. Also links to the "Sociology Calendar".

Social, Economic and Political Change
"Why does society develop the way that it does?" From the The Global Social Change Research Project, an annotated listing of links to information about large scale long-term political, economic and social systems change at the national and international level. This site links to sites with data, theory, national profiles, history, research, course syllabi, and other useful information.

American Sociological Association
Founded in 1905, ASA is "dedicated at advancing sociology as a scientific discipline". Good source of info.

Social Statistics Briefing Room
Sponsored by the Federal Government, this is an easy access to federal social statistics. Updated by the statistical units of different federal agencies.

Glossary of Social Science Computer and Social Science Data Terms
Self Explanatory title page... "Searchable, and browsable through the Table of Contents. From the Social Sciences and Humanities Library, University of California, San Diego."

Social Science Data Archives
International virtual archives, searchable and browsable by country. Links to most academic sources. From Amsterdam.

Social Science Information Gateway
"The service aims to provide a trusted source of selected, high quality Internet information for researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. It is part of the UK Resource Discovery Network

Dead Sociologists' Society
Comte, Marx, Weber, Addams, in all 16 dead and key sociologists. Also sociology links in general.

The SocioLog
An attempt at cataloging sociology web resources. Several academic links, useful at times.

Data Documentation Initiative: a Project of the Social Science Community
"The Data Documentation Initiative is an international effort to establish a standard for technical documentation describing social science data. A membership-based Alliance is developing the DDI specification, which is written in XML."

NORC: National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago
Compendium of its researches and surveys. "Although its national studies are its best known, NORCís projects--which include complex survey and other data collection strategies as well as sophisticated empirical analyses--range across local, regional, and international perspectives as well."

Surveys and Polls

Statistical Abstracts of the United States
From the US Census Bureau, downloadable documents from 1878 to the present. For the students, the academics and the curious! The library owns the printed version, but here you are, free of charge!

The Gallup Organization
The Poll Master. Plenty of free information concerning all of surveys and polls taken throughout the years.

Polling Reports
"An independent, nonpartisan resource on trends on American public opinions". The site is actually a wealth of information on recent and not-so-recent polls.

Public Opinion Poll Question Database
From the Odum Institute, an interesting endeavor: the site is searchable by question keywords, dates, polls, etc. If you wish to know which questions have been asked regarding "movies" and "violence", for example, there you go. For the serious survey fans.

Americans & the World: Public Opinions on International Affairs
"A source of comprehensive information on US public opinion on international issues. The site includes The Digest, which provides comprehensive analyses of polling on various international topics. Over the coming months [they] will periodically release analyses of US public opinion on other international topics."

World Values Survey
Based in Sweden, "the World Values Survey is a worldwide investigation of sociocultural and political change. It is conducted by a network of social scientist at leading universities all around world. The survey is performed on nationally representative samples in almost 80 societies on all six inhabited continents. A total of four waves have been carried since 1981 allowing accurate comparative analysis."

Research and Methods

Resources for Social Researchers
Useful to anyone interested in the field of sociology. Links to publications, data information, research organizations, graduate student information sites, departments of sociology, media news sites, and other social science sites of interest.

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
Fundamentals of how-to in social research: surveys, samplings, methods, interviews, analysis, etc.

Social Work

George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Compiled by GWB School, at the Washington University in St-Louis, a vast array of sites addressing various issues and topics of concern for social workers. Even includes scholarly writing aids.

Social Work Web Resources
From the folks at the Krannert Memorial Library of the University of Indianapolis, it a huge, well organized guide to every aspect of social work. Sites selected by librarians at KML.

Social Psychology Network
Links to a variety of resources in the field of social psychology; includes links to sites on specific social psychology topics, graduate programs, organizations, professional journals, teaching resources and more.

Social Services InfoNet
Provides "access to the cutting edge in social work and social services-related practices". Sponsored by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.

Information and Referral Resource Network
"This directory lists agencies throughout the United States that provide human services to the public. A wide variety of services are represented, including information and referral, social service, case management, health care, counseling, mental health, day care, educational, employment, domestic violence, recreation, substance abuse, and welfare programs."

Internet Nonprofit Center
The key source of information about nonprofit organization in United States. Whether searching for social services or articles about nonprofit activities, this is the gateway.

The Social Science Research Council
Founded in 1923 and based in New York City, the SSRC "mobilizes researchers, policy makers, professionals, activists...to develop innovative approaches to issues of critical social importance." You can search for reports, links to fellowships, etc.


Compiled and annotated by P. Tremblay 6/04. Revised 10/09.

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