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The following is a current alphabetical title list of the library's psychology related videos. For location information, consult LIUCAT or the printed video lists at the Reference, Circulation, or Media Departments.

Archetypal images and art

Client centered therapy
Cognitive behavior therapy
Crossing the line: the dilemma of staff-patient involvement

Dialogues with a madwoman
Dr. Carl Rogers
Domestic violence: recognizing and treating abused patients

Emotional intelligence: a new vision for educators
Ethnocultural psychotherapy
Experiential psychotherapy

Feminist therapy
Four lives: a portrait of manic depression
Frontline: broken minds

Great ideas of psychology (volumes 1-8)

Healing and the mind (volumes 1-5)
How to develop effective communication skills

Life and art of Peter Birkhauser

Madness (volumes 1-5)
Madness, the talking cure
Marx: the video (a politics of revolting bodies)
Meanings of madness (volumes 1-4)
Methodology: the psychologist and the experiment
Mind (volumes 1-5)
Mosaic workplace (volumes 1-9)
Multimodal therapy

Power of the situation: constructing reality
Psychimagery: healing the child within
Psychotherapy with the experts: family systems therapy

Responding therapeutically to patient anger

Seasons of life: part V: late adulthood
Sex and gender

Techniques of play therapy: a clinical demonstration
Therapeutic community II: structuring effective large groups
Treating borderline personality: the dialectical approach

What is modern psychoanalysis?
Wisdom of the dream (3 volumes)

Several videos are about specific psychologists:
Rogers, Carl (1901-1987)
Dr. Carl Rogers

Erikson, Eric (1902-1997)
Everybody rides the carousel

Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939)
Madness, the talking cure

Jung, Carl J. (1875-1961)
Archetype and art
Life and art of Peter Birkhauser
Wisdom of the dream (3 volumes)


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