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Mathematics Resources:
Career Information

1. Mathematical Science Career Information
Provides Mathematical Applications Index, Career Planning Resources, and other useful career information to the mathematics community.

2. Links2Go: Jobs in Mathematics
A comprehensive site to provide jobs resources in mathematics field.

3. Science, Math and Engineering Career Resources
Provides science, math and engineering career resources for people from high school students through Nobel laureates.

4. American Mathematical Society - Employment Services
Developed by the American Mathematical Society, this site provides career and education resources in mathematics field.

5. Careers in Statistics
This is a statistics career resource site developed by the American Statistical Association.

6. Worldwide Job Market for Mathematicians
Provides worldwide job-related information for mathematicians. It covers Africa, America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe job market.

7. Mathematics Job Opportunities
Provides various links to nonacademic job opportunities for mathematics majors.

8. Mathematician Job Listing, Salary Information, and job Search Tips
This site is designed for job search and related information.

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