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Associations and Organizations

1. American Mathematical Society

The Society is the largest professional organization in mathematics. The web site leads mathematics specialists and enthusiasts to conferences, career and education information, job opportunities and reference tools. Information about MathSciNet is available. The site also contains a directory of institutions in the mathematical sciences and a membership directory of all persons who are or were members of AMS, MAA, SIAM, AWATYC, and AWM.

2. Mathematical Association of America

This is the largest organization instrumental in the field of collegiate mathematics. It seeks to motivate interest in this subject area by providing information on contemporary mathematics, recent developments in research, and conferences and events. The web site provides information on electronic journals, professional development, students and student chapters of MAA, employment opportunities, and, scholarships and awards.

3. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The goals of this organization focus on the promotion of mathematical research that lead to new processes for science and industry. It also seeks to provide the exchange of information and ideas between mathematicians, engineers and scientists. The organization's nine journals are available over the web at the SIAM web site. It sponsors many specialized conferences, annual meetings, courses, workshops and activity groups.

4. Association of Women in Mathematics

This non-profit organization promotes women dedicated to the fields in the mathematical sciences. AWM provides workshops, travel grants, and awards. The web site lists biographies of successful women in the fields of mathematics and sciences. It also contains a section on careers in mathematics that provide several links to grants, job advertisements, programs and prizes, organizations, and mailing lists for people within the mathematical science field of study.

5. American Statistical Association

The ASA's mission is to promote excellence in the application of statistics. The ASA's web site is a excellent resource for information on publications in statistics, membership, professional development, awards and grants, and job opportunities in statistics. It also provides links to resources to other ASA chapters, sections and committees, as well as other statistical organizations in the U.S. and the world.

6. Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics

Provides an online resources page with links to educational and career information, research grants, and mentoring programs within the field of mathematics, engineering and science. The purpose and goal of this organization is to bring together parents, educators, and women professionals to promote and support young women in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.

Complied and edited by Sandhya Srivastava and Songqian Lu, 4/01.


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