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Journalism and News Resources

Columbia Journalism Review
News and editorials about the practice and processes of journalism.

Editor & Publisher
Web site of the magazine that's been covering the American news and publishing industry for over 100 years.

American Journalism Review
"American Journalism Review is a national magazine that covers all aspects of print, television, radio and online media."

University of Iowa Journalism Resources
Incredibly useful site with links to everything a journalist could hope to find online, from reference materials to style guides.

University of Southern California/Annenberg School's  Online Journalism Review
Site dedicated to reporting on the joys and perils of online journalism, based at the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism.

Journalism.org: Research, Resources and Ideas to Improve Journalism
Sponsored by "The Project for Excellence in Journalism" and "The Committee of Concerned Journalists", this site is an aggregator of all research, surveys, scholarship, etc, on the latest "news" on journalism. Quite complete. Recommended.

The Newseum is
"the world's first interactive museum of news...opened in Arlington, Va., in 1997. Its mission was simple: to help the public and the news media understand one another better."

The Write News
The site highlights "news, features and resources for media and publishing professionals". You can look for jobs, tips, news about the industry. Also see "CyberJournalist.net" below.

The History of the Black Press: a PBS Presentation
Based on the film The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords, the site also features a timeline, a list of newspapers and biographies, the complete film transcript, interviews, etc.

The Journalist's Toolbox
Published by the American Press Institute, The Toolbox includes writing aids, new aids on the internet (weather, maps, sites, contacts, etc). For the practicing journalist.

"Journalists look to Newswise as a trusted resource for knowledge-based news, embargoed research results and expert contacts from the world's leading research institutions: universities, colleges, laboratories, professional organizations, governmental agencies.... Newswise maintains a comprehensive database of current news, searchable archives, subscription wire services, and advanced information management tools to enhance the value and efficiency of research-based news delivery for both journalists and source institutions." Again, for the practicing journalist.

Reporters Without Borders
In English, French and Spanish, a site dedicated to the "attacks on press freedom." Very thoroughly researched, very up to date.

Student Press Law Center
Based in Virginia, designed to provide legal assistance to students and professors in journalism.

Online Journalism
Published by the Online Journalism Review, this site is a good source of info and support for the journalist and the readers alike.


News Media Reference

ABC News
Official site.

CBS News
Official site.

Official site.

Los Angeles Times
Official site.

Official site.

New York Times
You need to register in order to see the full stories but registration is free. Provides searchable access to the Help Wanted Section.

Washington Post
Official site.

News compilers and Press Agencies

A link to over 15000 newspapers around the globe. Includes electronic broadcasts, internet news, magazines, etc.

Google News
A truly automated news site: items are displayed by order of popularity, so to speak, and are featured from the most recent down.

"News and financial intelligence from the world leader." The source of many news media.

United Press International (UPI)
Started in 1907, this press agency covers everything and is also a source of countless electronic and written media.

Associated Press (AP)
In the information age, AP is "in the information business". Its mission is to "provide state, national and international news, photos, graphics" to its users. Another source for end-user medias.

World Newspapers on the Web & News from Internet Public Library
Thousand of papers by continent, country, etc.

Quick links to hundred of newspapers, magazines, TV, radio sites, American and international. You can search by city, state, etc.

Foreign Sources

Aljazeera in English
The famous site. Brings you the "other" perspective

When you want the news from another perspective…

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
A point of view from north of the border.

Foreign Media Reactions
Compiled by the US Department of States and archived for two years, it is a limited compendium of non-US media (printed and electronic) to US actions.

Radio Free Europe
In several languages, an excellent alternative source of foreign news and point of views.

Internet and Alternative Sources

The Cursor
Relies on a lot of non-American and American sources and focuses on alternative media perspective.

The New York Times CyberSpace Navigator
Brought to you by your friendly New York Times (NYTimes.com), this site is a compiler of very useful news (and general internet) links. There is a "collection for journalists", listing of government sites, phone numbers... Have fun.

CyberJournalist.net: Tips and Talk for Online Writers and Editors
"This resource gathers a lively variety of issues and stories about Internet journalism. One useful feature is CyberJournalist SuperSearch. This tool pulls together many search capabilities on a single page, including both general and reference source searching; Topical sites; Reporter's sites; aids for searching personal names, businesses, and telephone numbers; E-mail address lookup; Net address info lookup; and multiple language Web site translators. Added links provide places for newsgathering, directories, and job hunting."

The Elements of Digital Storytelling
Aimed at any "digital writer", journalist or not, it is a fascinating site about a widely uncharted territory.

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting)
Has been very active over the last few years. Already 15 years-old, FAIR is based in New York City. Controversial at times, the organization also published books, CDs. Worth a look.

WWW News Resource Page
Mainstream, but a lot of alternative, campus, ethnic, foreign resources as well.

Claiming to be "your independent source of news for the African American Community" and "the last national Black Press news wire", it is a compendium of all things and news African American. Also include a timeline of Black Media History.

The Memory Hole
Gateway to quite a few pieces of information the government was not too keen at disseminating. Remember photos of military coffins? Quite a popular site.

Global Vision
Another independent site; however like "The Memory Hole" it attempts to debunk some stories, real facts, etc. Worth a look.

Compiled and Annotated By: M. Tao 8/99, and A. Slonosky 9/00.
Revised by P. Tremblay 6/04

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