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Selected Science Education Resources

Benchmarks for Science Literacy Online
The information on this Web site is provided by the American Association For The Advancement of Science. This site provides information about science literacy goals for grade levels from kindergarten to the 12th grade. The literacy goals are arranged into the following subject areas: science, mathematics, technology, the physical setting, the living environment, the human organism, human society, historical perspectives, common themes and habits of mind.

Ceres Project
Funded by NASA, Montana State University faculty and teachers from across the country have developed on-line K-12 science education materials for teaching astronomy. These Web based lesson plans utilize on-line NASA resources. Some of the units offered are , Studying the Movement of Celestial Objects, Learning Planet Sizes, Birthday Moons, Investigating the Changing Polar Ice Caps, etc. Both thematic units and lesson plans are well organized, and include information about the National Science Standards, and the National Math Standards that each unit or lesson supports.

Educast - Lesson Plan Archive
This site is sponsored by Davidson & Associates, Inc., and provides access to lesson plans. Lesson plans can be searched by grade level, general subject area and by keywords. The lesson plans themselves are provided by Teacher Created Materials, a company which publishes educational materials.

Reform in Action
Maintained by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse For Mathematical and Science Education, this site focuses on quality science and mathematic resources on the Web. Each month thirteen new sites are selected.

Spacelink - Educational Services
Another NASA site which provides links to NASA's education programs and resources.Information about fellowships, scholarships, apprenticeships, workshops, classroom materials, and interactive projects is also provided.

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