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Art and Life in Africa Project
Sponsored by the University of Iowa Obermann Center for Advanced Studies, this site contains a teacher's guide, information about 107 African cultures, profiles of 27 Sub-Saharan African countries, and 47 lesson plans grouped by subject and by grade level.

Maintained by the Educational Resources Information Center, this site includes a virtual library, over a thousand lesson plans, a questions and answer service, and a searchable index.

Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
Sponsored by the Evaluation and Development Institute (EDI), this site contains over 14,000 reviewed resources which can be searched by keyword. Resources are also organized in a variety of ways including by general subjects, by types of resources, and by support group.

Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library
This site is maintained by Pacific Bell and contains resources which have been organized by subject and content area. Resources include tutorials, activities, projects, hotlists, reference tools, and lessons. Resources may also be searched by grade level, subject, and type of resource. Weekly updates via email are offered to those who register with the site.

CEC Lesson Plans
This site is maintained by the Columbia Education Center (CEC), and provides lesson plans which are organized by both subject and grade level.

Ceres Project
Funded by NASA, Montana State University faculty and teachers from across the country have developed on-line K-12 science education materials for teaching astronomy. These Web based lesson plans utilize on-line NASA resources. Some of the units offered are , Studying the Movement of Celestial Objects, Learning Planet Sizes, Birthday Moons, Investigating the Changing Polar Ice Caps, etc. Both thematic units and lesson plans are well organized, and include information about the National Science Standards, and National Math Standards that each unit or lesson supports.

DIA: Ancient Egypt: Educational Programs
Created and maintained by the Detroit Institute of Arts, this site provides curricular materials related to Ancient Egypt. Lesson plans are organized into the following areas: Social Science, Language Arts, Arts, and Math and Science. Lesson plans are well organized and are grouped into activities, assessments, goals and objectives, pictures, preparation, and teacher comments.

Educast - Lesson Plan Archive
This site is sponsored by Davidson & Associates, Inc., and provides access to lesson plans. Lesson plans can be searched by grade level, general subject area and by keywords. The lesson plans themselves are provided by Teacher Created Materials, a company which publishes educational materials.

IPL Ready Reference Collection: Education
Maintained by the Internet Public Library, this site provides annotated links to resources grouped into the following areas: adult education, alternative education, K-12 Primary and secondary schooling, higher education, and vocational education. Resources can be searched by keywords.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Educators will find an extraordinary number of resources at this award winning site, organized alphabetically and by subject.

Materials for Early Childhood Education
Thematic units prepared by students at The University of South Carolina. The thematic titles include Ancient Egypt, Colonial Life, Cultural Diversity: Immigration and Citizenship, Dinosaurs, Endangered North American Birds, Fruits and Vegetables, Holidays -- Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, and Mexican, Insects Mammals and Their Habitats, etc. Each unit includes links to related resources.

NASA - MSU/Bozeman CERES Project
A gateway site maintained by NASA which provides information about a variety of resources including web based lesson plans, links to online resources and other classroom materials.

National Center To Improve Practice In Special Education
Sponsored by NCIP, this site provides a guided tour of the major topics in special education practices in the classroom. The tour focuses on the following topics: engineering the classroom environment,integrating the curriculum through theme-based learning, modifying instructional strategies, materials and tools to meet individual needs, embedding assessment in all classroom activities, the effective use of high and low technology tools, communicating and constructing meaning, students with developmental disabilities, and language and literacy. The site also includes a library of resources, links arranged by subject areas, and information about video profiles.

Reform in Action
Maintained by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse For Mathematical and Science Education, this site focuses on quality science and mathematic resources on the Web. Each month thirteen new sites are selected.

School.Net Welcome Page
Provides links to educational resources, and over fifty of educational forums and discussion groups. Users need to register.

S.C.O.R.E. CyberGuides
Web based lesson plans developed by teachers in the Schools of California Online Resources for Educators (SCORE) Project, which is funded by the California Technology Assistance Program (CTAP) and the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA). Lesson plans are organized into the following grade levels: K-3, 4-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

SNE Web Resources - Learning Disabilities
This site contains a number of learning disability resources.

Spacelink - Educational Services
Another NASA site which provides links to NASA's education programs and resources.Information about fellowships, scholarships, apprenticeships, workshops, classroom materials, and interactive projects is also provided.

Trends in The Well Being of America's Youth
Published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Topics covered are population, family and neighborhood, economic security, health conditions and health care, social development, behavioral health, and teen fertility, education and achievement. The documents are in PDF format which requires Adobe Acrobat reader.

Welcome to AskERIC
The mother of all education sites, this site describes itself as "... a personalized Internet-based service providing education information to teachers, librarians, counselors, administrators, parents, and others throughout the United States and the world." The main components of the site are the AskERIC Question & Answer (Q&A) Service, the AskERIC Virtual Library , and the ERIC Database which contains 950, 000 abstracts from journals and conference proceedings.

Welcome to the The G.R.A.D.E.S. Archives
This site provides links to other Web sites organized by subject area and grade level. The sites focus is on quality Web resources. This is an extremely well organized site which educators will find useful.

World Lecture Hall
Maintained by the Academic Computing and Instructional Technology Services at The University of Texas at Austin, this site provides numerous links to Web-based materials that are being used for instruction. Resources are grouped into subject areas, and include syllabi, lecture notes, and links to other resources on the Web. Materials are of varying quality, depth and scope.


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